Here Goes Nothing

To the Native:

Yes, I’m invading your city. I’m coming down from north of the Mason-Dixon line, out of the cold, snowy streets of Chicago and into your beautiful early spring. Yes, this is absolutely one of the reasons I moved. I’ve heard tales of your city’s ability to experience all seasons, but with significantly less winter than I’m used to and more heat. Yes please. 

The day that I packed my car to the brim with belongings and put the Chicago skyline in my rearview I also delightedly tossed my Michelin-man style knee-length puffy coat into the nearest dumpster and traded it for my (now extensive) collection of leather and jean jackets. I’m here, natives, basking in the warmth of your periodic 70 degree days in the middle of February. I’m so happy! I promise I’ll take care of your city, I’m going to become “one of you”. I mean really, who’s actually “from” Nashville? 

It’s been a year since I moved here and I am still of firm belief that I’m going to become “one of you”. I’ve got the official Nashville uniform, comprised of plaid shirts, light jackets, sundresses, and boots (no, not just cowboy boots). Heck, ask any Broadway tourist passing me by on the street and I assure you they’d be convinced of my thoroughly Nashvillian persona. I’ve only just begun to explore your ever-present live music, blooming restaurant scene, and vast beautiful countrysides. I’m even indulging in the plethora of fitness classes and juice bars! Natives, be proud, I’m dedicating this blog to you and your beautiful city. 

Never home, always on the move, always looking for the next concert and restaurant, I’m going to prove to you natives that I know a thing or two about assimilating into your culture. Take it from me, I’ll show you things about your city that you may not even know. My “native” friends even come to me to plan their social calendars. So take some time to explore the possibility that a Nearly Native Nashvillian might know a thing or two about what you’re doing this weekend.


Nearly Native LizImage


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