Nearly Native Eats: Pinewood Social

If you’re new in town you probably haven’t heard of our little hot spot, Pinewood Social. Then again, since it’s opening in December 2013 the restaurant has quickly gained national notoriety with mentions in such publications as Southern Living, Thrillist, and Conde Naste Traveler. So perhaps you’ve come across it in your thorough research of this great city we live in. Or maybe you just heard your coworker talking about that restaurant with the old school bowling alley or the new “hipster social club” as the locals have fondly nicknamed it.

It’s pretty much one of “the” places in Nashville that Nashvillians are flocking to at the moment. Not only is it’s social club concept the first of its kind in the city, but it’s chic warehouse space, delicious menu and creative cocktails keep natives coming back for more. Obviously you can tell I’m a fan. It’s a restaurant and bar that has managed to make patrons of all types, from families to musicians to young professionals, feel comfortable and welcome. I recommend going with a friend or date after 8pm on the weekends as the wait is shorter or calling for a reservations if you have a larger party.  Or try them out for brunch, although their dinner menu is definitely a stronger showcase for their culinary talents (their omelets sound like they’ll be delicious but leave something to be desired). They’ve even noticed the increasing wait times since their opening and have turned the front-of-house coffee bar by day into a mini cocktail bar at night.

I am curious about how the exactly they’re going to make their outdoor space work in the summer, as mixing cocktails with bathing suits and slippery surfaces is an interesting challenge. Theoretically it’ll be epic, the place to see and be seen, this summer, but monitoring the masses as they flit in and out of the swim up bar or cabana space may cause some frustrating waits for huge number of Nashvillians that will likely be chomping at the bit to get a peek at the space. But keep in mind that this is the newest Goldberg brothers (Strategic Hospitality) brainchild and with their impressive track record in the local restaurant scene I have faith that they will not fail to impress.

Be like the native Nashvillian and go to Pinewood Social. You won’t regret it.

NOTE: For the guys, there are even TVs scattered throughout to catch the latest game!

Pinewood Social

Fried Broccoli, Kale Caesar Salad with Chicken, & the “He Who Shall Remain Nameless” cocktail

Check out their website on the Eat Like a Native page!


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