Nearly Native Eats: MAFIAoZA’s

On any given weeknight bars and restaurants across the city battle for the attention of native Nashvillians by offering a number of tempting specials. Although there are plenty to choose from standouts become clear pretty quickly as you assimilate yourself into the local scene. Upon my arrival to the Music City one of the first restaurants that another nearly native cohort of mine proudly suggested was MAFIAoZA’s Pizzeria & Neighborhood Pub.

As one of the first restaurants I would choose to visit upon my relocation my expectations were high. If a native Nashvillian breathes the name of your restaurant as an automatic response to being asked for recommendations, it is assumed that this place is held in high regard by locals. And if all the locals are doing it, you better believe that nearly natives will do as the locals do.

Tuesdays at MAFIAoZA’s resemble a (more sober version of) an Irish pub on St. Patty’s Day: overflowing with people of all ages and styles, partaking in the shared merriment of delicious food and beverages. The reason for all the fuss? The 2 for 1 Tuesday Special: 2 for 1 draft and bottled beers all day and night, Double pours of liquor until 10pm, and 2 for 1 slices of pizza until 9. And I’m not talking pint-sized slices here, I’m talking as-big-as-your-head slices.

Anyone can see that this is a great deal, but what keeps locals coming back for more and spreading its reputation to Nashville newbies is the MAFIAoZA’s experience. It’s a casually hip environment with TV screens streaming the latest in sports and just enough music overhead to catch your favorite song but still engage in conversation. The patio is multi-season, beautiful in the summer and appropriately warm in the winter months, and it’s indoor/outdoor bar allows patrons to grab a drink from anywhere in the restaurant. And the pizza. The pizza is perfectly New York in style and needs no elaboration to sell. Trust me just try it, you won’t be disappointed. Even if you’re not in the mood for a slice or you’re not lucky enough to be there for 2 for 1 Tuesday, “Maff’s” (as the natives call it) has a menu selection for the Italian lover in all of us.

Keep in mind that if you decide to join the native masses that make their way to Nashville’s 12South neighborhood to enjoy an slice of heaven on a Tuesday night that you’ll likely have to wait for a table, especially if it’s nice outside. Don’t fret! There’s plenty of room to grab two beers or a double pour (for the price of one) at the bar and enjoy the energetic crowd. If you’re lucky enough to snag a seat at the bar, you can always eat there too. Take it from the Nashvillian masses who keep going back for more: MAFIAoZA’s is a local hotspot that’s not to be overlooked!

NOTE: For those of you watching your girlish figure, MAFIAoZA’s offers a gluten free pizza option!

photo (5)

Large pizza with green peppers, jalapenos, & black olives
Check out their website on the Eat Like a Native page!

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