Nearly Native Quick Picks: March Madness Hot Spots

It’s that time of year again: March Madness has hit it’s fever pitch. Even if you’re not a Basketball or sports fan, there’s a chance you’ll be out tonight watching the NCAA Men’s Championship action with the Nashvillian masses. Here are some great sports bars to catch the game with a cold beer in hand:

The Gulch

Bar Louie, The Pub, Whiskey Kitchen, Burger Republic, Hops & Crafts, Pour House


Rock Bottom Brewery, Broadway Brewhouse, Flying Saucer,


Dan McGuinessTin Roof, Two Bits

Midtown/ Hillsboro Village

Corner Pub, Red Door, Tavern, Slider House, Sam’s

East Nashville

 3 Crow Bar, Red Door East, Beyond the Edge, Village Pub

West Nashville

M.L Rose, Jed’s, Mason’s, Neighbor’s Bar

NOTE: Some of these bars allow smoking indoors and some have specials tonight, so check out their websites before you go!


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