Nearly Native Eats: Holland House

If you haven’t heard yet, Nashville’s kind of a big deal. Not only is this city host to a diverse portfolio of booming industries, the number of inhabitants is increasing exponentially by the day. The Music City is the place to be and the country is taking notice. The influx in (nearly) natives has created a foodie scene of increasing popularity and with it, several masters of the culinary arts have come to call Nashville home. Restaurants are popping up all over the city offering top-of-line food and cocktail concoctions. One East Nashville staple, Holland House Bar & Refuge, has earned a respected place among Nashville’s top spots.

Serving hand-crafted cocktails and meticulously presented dishes in the heart of East Nashville since 2010, Holland House has proven it’s staying power as the competition continues to grow and innovate in our great city. Having defected from Chicago, a city with endless classically themed cocktail bars and restaurants, I’d become accustomed to readily available “prohibition-era” styled options. Upon initial exploration of Nashville’s dining scene, it was troubling to find that the city had yet to embrace this trend. But I was wrong! After a few months living in the Music City and endless Google searches involving “Pimm’s Cup”, “Gatsby”, and “Mule”, I discovered this gem established just miles from my home. It turns out that Holland House had been rocking the Gatsby, prohibition style that I’d been craving way before I became a Nashvillian.

Holland House is perfect for a date, girl’s night, or dinner to impress a visitor who’s sophisticated palate needs convincing that Nashville’s restaurant scene is pretty darn impressive. Granted, when you decide to pay a visit keep in mind that along with it’s refined menu and ethereal décor comes a more expensive bill. Don’t let this stop you! Enjoying an intimate meal with your significant other hidden within one of their strategically situated seating arrangements, or grabbing a drink at the bar as the happy hour sunlight bounces off the numerous chandeliers allows you to retreat from your day into a Gatsby-meets-Hemmingway world.  If you want to save some cash then  their Thursday night happy hour is perfect for you. Fantastic deals on some of their yummiest cocktails and dishes allow you to try it out first (for you dinner commitment-phobes out there). Basically if you’re sick of the same old sports bar happy hour spot or are looking to impress a date, then Holland House ranks among the most impressive in Nashville’s continuously expanding foodie scene.

Processed with Moldiv

Gin Mule & Artisan Cheese Plate with cheese of the moment

NOTE: The only downside is that they don’t seem to regularly update their website, and their menu changes seasonally, so just take my word for it and go. Reservations recommended!

Check out their website on the Eat Like a Native page!


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