Nearly Native Jams: Anthem

When you think of Nashville nightlife, dance clubs and DJs are not what comes to mind. With a vast array of live music venues scattered throughout the city, you’re more likely to hear a guitar riff drifting down the street than you are police sirens , much less club music in any given neighborhood. Visitors to Nashville are likely looking for Broadway lights, a stiff drink, and some darn good live music. Most (nearly) native Nashvillians are looking for much of the same (minus the Broadway) for their nightly entertainment.

Needless to say, the Music City has got this whole “music” thing in the bag, but sometimes even Nashvillians want to step outside their nightly routine at the local bar with the house band. They search for a place to truly get their groove on. I’m talking about getting so lost on a neon-lit dance floor that you don’t realize that 3 hours have passed and that you’ve had to pee for half of that time. As many live music venues there are in Nashville, that’s how few true dance clubs there are. One that has (so far) survived the competition that it’s musically inclined counterparts have presented is Anthem.

Most Nashvillians know that the space occupied by Anthem has notoriously been cursed with the perception of being a cagey dance bar by the previous (and numerous) tenants that have opened and quickly closed their doors. However, since Anthem’s opening over a year ago, not only has the space attracted a number of major acts, but the property around the dance club has seen positive development. Unfortunately the club is still trying to overcome the “creepy” stigma and on a night when the venue is not expected to host a musical act, including live bands and DJ sets, you likely won’t find a packed house full of locals. The Nashvillian masses just can’t seem to accept Anthem as their go-to spot to dance the night away without being drawn in by a set by Steve Aoki, Five Knives, or Chancellor Warhol.

However, the folks at Anthem are working hard to break their inherited reputation. They’re spreading the word about the space’s versatility and partnering with Celebrity Chef Maneet Chauhan of the Food Network to bring a brand new Indian Gastropub to the Nashville restaurant scene! As a Nashvillian, you may have danced with your friends to “that one DJ” or gotten VIP “that one night” at Anthem, but there’s much more to it than meets the eye. The space itself can be used for a number of event types, including weddings & receptions, company meetings and birthday parties on nights when you’re not seeing the hottest DJ acts or weekly Burlesque show on its main stage.

With the opening of the Indian Gastropub, called ‘Chauhan Ale & Masala House’ this summer and other planned expansions, Anthem is making moves to attract Nashvillians on a more regular basis, whether it’s to dance the night away or host an event. So if you’re new in town and your local friends regularly steer clear of this venue due to its predecessors’ reputations, I encourage you to give Anthem another look. Their schedule is filled with great musical acts and their progressive growth will bring nothing but more nightlife excitement to the Gulch. In fact, try it out TONIGHT for their Open House to see the space beautifully decorated, or catch a show in the next couple of weeks, it might be just the perfect thing to satisfy your DJ-deprived dancing shoes.

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Check out their website on the Jam Like A Native page!



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