Nearly Native Eats: Kalamatas

It’s almost lunchtime and your stomach is telling you that the PB&J that is now squished between your laptop and your planner just ain’t gunna cut it. McDonald’s is across the street or there’s the Chick-fil-a on the corner, but then you remember that greasy fast food will not be the energizing life force that gets you through your next three meetings this afternoon. Despite your craving for French fries dipped in a chocolate milkshake, you know better. Cheese crackers from the vending machine won’t even satisfy that hole growing in your stomach. Suddenly you remember that one beautiful afternoon that you and your (nearly) native companion stumbled upon a Mediterranean oasis among the sea of golden arches scattered across Nashville. It’s name? Kalamatas.

This Mediterranean “fast” food Nashville institution ignites the taste buds and is easy on the tummy, offering an array of healthy options for a quick fix amidst a busy day. With three locations around the metropolitan area, Kalamatas is available to the locals looking for more than just a burger and French fries and provides amenities that are suitable for a quick pick up or a casual lunch meeting. Each location has its own menu variation offering Mediterranean fare for all, including classic kabobs, gyros, a generously portioned Greek salad, and hummus (obviously). On any given day you find all types of locals, from the business-suited workforce to the college student to the local artist, enjoying an affordable and tasty lunch (or dinner!) in a comfortably situated dining area. It even seems to have the familiarity of a coffee shop-like environment as it makes the lone diner and the group alike feel at home as they nosh on their Falafel and Baba Ghanouj.

So the next time that middle of the day craving for a Big Mac makes you salivate, take a step back and consider your options. Is that greasy hamburger you’ll carry with you (and on your shirt) for the rest of your day really worth the quick fix? Or will flavorful kabob with meat of your choice and a Greek side salad leave you feeling satisfied (and without extra laundry to do)? If you delight in cheap and convenient Mediterranean flavors, Kalamatas is the clear choice for your next take out order or casual lunch meeting .

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Check out their website on the Eat Like a Native page!


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