Nearly Native Drinks: Music City Tippler

If you’re new in town you’ll quickly find that Nashvillians aren’t hanging around the famed Broadway bars and wearing cowboy boots every weekend. It’s likely that once you visit the Broadway strip after becoming a full-time resident that you’ll realize how few (nearly) native Nashvillians there are traipsing between Honky Tonk Central and Tequila Cowboy. Sure, Nashville is known for it’s abundance of lively bars, especially amidst its sleepless downtown streets, but so much of our beloved city is overlooked in its reputation. Locals have way to many other options across the metropolitan area to satisfy their “bar scene” needs to waste their time dodging drunken visiting convention attendees and standing in massive lines . Rather than rubbing elbows with the bachelor/bachelorette and tourist masses, they escape to nearby neighborhoods lined with bars and local restaurants such as Midtown, located centrally amidst the highly populated neighborhoods south of the bustling “Nashvegas” downtown. Very specifically, one of the newest establishments to open its doors and catch the attention of Nashvillians: Music City Tippler.

Concealed within the bottom floor of the Adelicia condominiums that tower over the classically rowdy Division street bars, Music City Tippler or “The Tippler” as it’s referred to by many,  opened its highly anticipated doors in August 2013 with the observed intent of transporting patrons from the typical Midtown experience to polished 1920s prohibition era nightlife. The ornate décor alone encourages beautiful people of all ages to dress to impress while they sample historically-themey American dishes and peruse the seasonal cocktails, despite the fact that they’ll likely default to one of the famed Mule variations. On any given weekend night, The Tippler is filled to the brim with patrons by 11:30pm, buzzed on strong beverages and swaying to upbeat popular songs, spun from the DJ booth. The upper level bar plays host to conversation and lingering diners, while the downstairs bar, overlooked by a third floor private event space, transitions into the main dance floor for those who like to boogie down. The space radiates with the energy of the crowd, rotating from casual chatting to Micheal Jackson dance moves to the outdoor patio.

In the months since its opening it has firmly established itself as a constant hot spot for seeing any and all Nashvillian natives, even those you may not want to see but simply avoid because you’ve been craving a Gin Mule for days. In addition to its popular reputation, The Tippler has hosted events for the likes of Nashville Fashion Week and the ACM Awards and even supports local community produce and protein providers. If you’re sick of spending time battling the fleeting masses downtown, and simply want a break from the live music scene that we Nashvillians are spoiled with, then Music City Tippler may be the perfect remedy. Get ready to drink a few too many Mules, dance a little too long to some autotune, and see some familiar (better dressed than normal?) faces. It’s clear that this buzzworthy bar/restaurant will be staying in Midtown for the foreseeable future and should be enjoyed by all. So instead of dragging yourself downtown to get your bar scene fill or show a visitor around, take them to one of Midtown’s best.

TIP: Take advantage of their 2 for 1 Mule Special on Tuesdays!

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Check out their website on the Drink Like a Native page!


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