Nearly Native Eats: Whiskey Kitchen

You approach the hostess stand with the expectation that the wait for a table will be no less than 90 minutes. Or perhaps you’ve never been here before, but your (nearly) native Nashvillian friends have warned you that when you decide to try this trendy local hotspot, known for it’s celeb sightings and decadent bar food, you’re going to have to be committed. It’s not the type of place that you can grab a “quick” dinner at. However you don’t want to just grab dinner, you want to be a part of it all: the main dining room and bar are brimming with locals and visitors mingling, sipping on cocktails and taking in the warm night air as it breezes through the windows spanning the majority of the walls. Despite the fact that your name is at the very bottom of a two page waiting list, you feel compelled to stay and battle your fellow wait-listers for the perfect table situated on the outdoor patio because the atmosphere… the cocktails (!) are worth it. Whiskey Kitchen is a place to be seen and tonight you’ve cleared your evening to get that coveted patio seating.

If you ask any Nashvillian who enjoys a good meal and a night out (basically all of us) they’ll have, at the very least, heard of Whiskey Kitchen if they haven’t already been there or attempted it on a busy night. Predating the trendy Gulch area as Nashvillians know it today, the restaurant has been serving up elevated bar food and craft cocktails since 2009. As one of the early members of the M Street Entertainment Group family, it acts as a cornerstone for the developing local foodie scene in Nashville that has seen attention on a national level in recent years. Having to play catch-up to the buzzworthy high bar set by this tavern-chic restaurant, the city has quite literally grown and progressed around Whiskey Kitchen in the almost 5 years since it’s opening. Scour instagram or twitter for the latest celebrity visits to Nashville and you will, without a doubt, find that they’ve made a stop at this M Street gem.

So what do Nashvillians come for aside from the possibility of rubbing elbows with a celebrity or embracing the life of the trendy and well-to-do in a casually chic environment? The menu of course! This isn’t just your average bar food and there’s something on the menu to satisfy everyone’s taste buds. Try the Jalapeno Fried Pickles, the Nacho Nirvana, or the Bourbon Poppers; considered “starters” on the menu, but enough food for two. Their flatbreads, wraps, and burgers are delicious too. There’s an item within every section of the menu to drool over. Granted, this isn’t a place you’ll get quinoa, tempeh, or tofu. It’s not a juice bar. But the cocktails are strong, the food hits the spot, the convertible window walls let in the summer air, and the latest sports games are on rotation. If you can stand the wait or fight for a spot in the open seating, Whiskey Kitchen will be worth your time. And if you see Julianne Hough or Reese Witherspoon tell them I send my regards!

Processed with Moldiv

Ahi  Tuna Wrap (Bottom left) , Bourbon Poppers with Sweet Potato Fries (Bottom Right),

& Blackberry Julep and Ruby Mojito

 Check out their website on the Eat Like a Native page!

TIP: Try this place out on a weeknight (Tues – Thurs) for shorter wait times!


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