Nearly Native Eats: Mitchell Deli

One of the many advantages of living in a growing city, such as Nashville, is the availability of diverse and innovative dining options. In one weekend Nashvillians can sample a seafood platter, delight in fine dining, and taste tapas dishes. With all of these unique options around town the local foodies can test their palates and expand their knowledge of the latest and greatest dining trends. However, as much as we all love to explore the latest and greatest, there will always be room for the classics. Sometimes all we want is a darn good sandwich. The kind that has the perfect balance of toppings to meat, the freshest vegetables, the perfectly melted cheese on a fresh slice of slightly toasted bread, ingested best on a patio with a cold beer. Is your mouth watering yet? The sandwich will always be a staple of American cuisine and Nashvillians can get one of the best in town at Mitchell Deli.

Providing deliciously hand crafted sandwiches, meats, and other classic deli offerings since 2008, Mitchell has proudly preserved the legacy of the delicatessen. East Nashvillians in Riverside Village should consider themselves privileged to have quick and easy access to the deli’s McGavock Pike location. One of it’s best features lies in it’s simplicity: patrons order and are served their freshly constructed sandwiches at the counter with options to purchase draft and bottled beer and kombucha, self-serve fountain sodas, and sides such as macaroni salad, fruit, and baked goods. Not only does Mitchell use quality ingredients, but they are thoroughly local, partnering with several other small businesses from the area.

The deli appeals to the classic sandwich lover with The Muffalatta, The French Dip, and Bagel & Lox, yet also pays respect to vegetarians with their BBQ Asian Tofu and Grilled Veggie. After you struggle to select a sandwich because “they all look SO good” your order is delivered counter-side neatly wrapped in white deli paper (with pickle inside!), which you can then rip open and devour on the covered outdoor patio. Let’s be honest, it’s just hard to beat a perfectly made sandwich. Need to cater an event and you’ve been craving that Mitchell Deli Reuben or that Bagel Sandwich that made your taste buds bow down in surrender? Mitchell can cater any upcoming lunch or breakfast event! You can turn all of your coworkers into believers too!

As Nashville continues to expand and change, so will the restaurant options. Of course there’s a time for a surf n’ turf plate for a date or a potential business partner. But there will always be a time for an affordable and impeccably created sandwich. Mitchell Deli reminds us that the dining experience doesn’t always need to be white table clothes and candle-lit rooms. Sometimes a sandwich and a beer on the patio with friends is all that we need for the perfect meal.

photo (23)

Turkey Apple Brie on Whole Wheat & The Italian

Check out their website on the Eat Like a Native page!



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