Nearly Native Eats: Rumours East

One of the many benefits to living in the Mid-South is its ability to showcase all four seasons, yet be generally kind to its residents with warmer winters than the polar-vortexed northern states and calmer summers than the humidity-ridden states to the south. This perfect combination of moderate temperatures with seasonal changes allows patio season in Nashville to extend, on average, from April (sometimes March!) to about November. Moving from Chicago in early spring, the first 80 degree day blind-sided me in March as a newly minted Nashvillian. All I’d known before my southbound move was puffy coats down to my knees, boots up to my knees, snow, and the overwhelming need to feel sun on my face and put my toes in flip-flops in March. Once I got over the shock of warm temperatures for a much greater portion of the year, I came to the realization that patio season wasn’t just Chicago’s June through September and that I could take advantage of some seriously awesome outdoor spots all over town.

In Nashville, patio’s come in all shape and sizes, and one that will forever be at the top of my list will be at Rumours East Wine Bar. Here, patrons can escape the hustle and bustle of East Nashville and relax in an whimsical and welcoming backyard setting, balanced with covered patio seating and table options drenched in sunlight. Located just far enough from 5 Points, Rumours East sits comfortably on Woodland Street, a house among its East Nashvillian neighbors. However, Rumours East is not to be overlooked as it beckons to the passerby with the lights that decorate the front porch and peaks curiosity with its Secret Garden-esque fence, allowing outsiders to merely have a peek inside.

Once you’ve made your way through the main dining area, with rooms reminiscent to its prior life as a residential home, take a seat in the backyard under the wooden canopy on a sunny day, or by the fire on a cool evening. Living up to its name, the wine bar has an extensive list of wines, but don’t overlook the cocktails and high gravity beer options. There are impressive options for everyone!  After you’ve ordered a beverage, the menu presented to you will either be for brunch (YES, they have Sunday Brunch now!!) or dinner. These menus are constantly changing, so what you eat today may not be there the next time you go! But the food. The FOOD. The cheese selection alone is enough to drool over. Each menu item is an art form, fresh, colorful, and carefully plated, as well as being absolutely delicious.

With a knowledgeable staff, cozy backyard, and impeccable menu Rumours Wine Bar is an experience. Considered a romantic spot by most locals it’s perfect for date night, but it’s also casual enough to for a small group, double date, or girls night. They key to Rumours East is conversation. The dining itself draws Nashvillians in, but the environment’s ability to promote relaxed chatter keeps them coming back for more. Go for a glass of wine, go for the food, go to enjoy Middle Tennessee’s abundance of sunlight and moderate seasonal changes. Just go. It’s a patio that you’ll be adding to the top of your list too!

NOTE: They take reservations! If the backyard patio is full, try the side porch where there’s outdoor seating!

Can’t make it over to East Nashville? Try Rumours in the Gulch!

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Check out their website on the Eat Like a Native page!


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