Nearly Native Eats: The Row

Long before discovering the unexpected diversity and depth of everything that Nashville has to offer, I associated the city with two iconic pieces of American culture: country music and southern comfort food. To be fair, I associated any major city south of the Mason-Dixon line with southern comfort food (ignorance is bliss). Of course I should note that upon several visits and my eventual relocation I quickly came to realize that the Music City is multidimensional and much more than my two assumed associations. But let’s be honest here, Nashvillians do country music and southern food with a certain unmatched grace and expertise. One local establishment that embraces both musicality and delicious down-home cooking is The Row Kitchen and Pub.

Located outside of the touristy sphere of Broadway’s “classically Nashville” spots, The Row caters to the more local Midtown and Music Row crowds. Embodying the history that the building itself has seen over it’s 30 years located just off of Midtown’s slice of Broadway, The Row celebrates the great musicians that have graced Music Row with their talents and their drink slinging abilities. Although it opened it’s doors a short time ago in 2013, the restaurant could fool any patron into believing that it’s been around longer than most of today’s top country singers. As if the building façade covered in floor length prints encouraging you to eat butter, drink beer, and enjoy music weren’t enough of a clue, the interior walls are covered with pictures of music industry greats, emphasizing the restaurant’s southern style and educating visitors with historical excerpts. With live music every day of the week, The Row promotes new musical acts to accompany patrons’ meals and foster the talent that Nashville is bursting at the seams with.

This southern style, thoroughly Nashville, restaurant not only showcases live music and the industry itself, it also serves up a solid menu balanced with traditional favorites and trendy options. The Row perfectly plates staples such as biscuits and jam, catfish, fried chicken, and meatloaf, while also giving a nod to new school kale, quinoa, and vegetarian options. Nashvillians simply can’t go wrong at The Row for any meal, including brunch complete with bloody mary and mimosa options. But get there early because a Sunday brunch at The Row is a very popular destination! Whether you’re entertaining visitors who believe in the southern country music persona of Nashville or are just jonesing for a delicious and affordable southern meal, The Row can satisfy your biscuit-loving palate.

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 The Row Benedict (Top right), Veggie Omelet both with Hashbrown Casserole

Check out their website on the Eat Like a Native page!


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