Nearly Native Eats: Adele’s

As one of Nashville’s most prominent neighborhoods, the Gulch is known for its expensive real estate, convenient downtown locale, and recently relocated-to-Nashville residents. Dominated by “swanky” high-rise apartments, retail space, and restaurants the area isn’t all about tree-lined streets and fenced backyards. It’s about as urban as you can get outside of living downtown. Seeing high volumes of traffic from visitors to (nearly) native Nashvillians alike, there are a number of dining options ripe for entertainment and spending a pretty penny. With so many options available, the Gulch nightlife tends to blend together in a blur of expensive drinks and crowded hotspots for those that have frequented the area, so how can an establishment set themselves apart? One of Nashville’s newest additions is quickly becoming the restaurant that may just stand out in the blur if its Gulch competitors. Its name? Adele’s.

With its simply sophisticated style and presentation, Adele’s has caught the attention of many a Nashvillian in the weeks since it opened its garage-doored, warehouse location on the corner of McGavock and 12th Avenue. The work of renowned American Chef, Jonathan Waxman, Adele’s brings a new style in dining experiences to a food scene that is rapidly gaining traction in the metropolitan area. The space occupied by the restaurant is white-walled and lightly decorated, showcasing the exposed kitchen as its centerpiece. With just the right level of ambient noise, the space is perfect for conversation among friends, family, or a significant other. It’s not a sports bar or a place to “party” and frankly, although the cocktails are amazing and worthwhile, the intelligently developed and delicious menu speaks for itself. When the flavors, textures, and presentation of a meal come together so eloquently a simple glass of water is all you need.

While the menu is impeccable (trying an appetizer before your entree is highly encouraged!) and the environment is clean and comfortable, failing to mention the consistent wait staff would be a disservice to Adele’s. Not only do they make educated recommendations but they are prompt and polite, which can difficult to find at some of the other well-known establishments around town. Basically, you should make a reservation here now. This a rare place that you can even feel comfortable eating alone at if you’re so inclined. Not only does it showcase the progress that the Nashville food scene has made in recent years by attracting one of the country’s top chef’s, but it’s welcoming atmosphere and truly unique dishes stand out among a crowd of sporty bars and overcrowded thoroughly “Gulch” restaurants.

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Check out their website on the Eat Like a Native page!


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