Nearly Native Eats: Two Ten Jack

Contrary to popular belief ramen noodles aren’t just the $1 packages bought and consumed in mass by college students across the country to avoid actually cooking a balanced meal on a regular basis. In fact, the noodle soup’s origin can be found in China dating back to the nineteenth century in addition to it being a well documented staple in Japanese history. In the years since it’s introduction to the public, Ramen has evolved from a cost-conscious Japanese war-time food, to the convenience dish of lazy cooks everywhere, to an actual commodity showcased by prominent chefs all over the world. Whether you know it as a cup of noodles, the entrée at a trendy restaurant, or simply tonight’s dinner, Ramen is a dish that has endured and the Ramen House is the latest and greatest in showcasing the truly delicious potential of the noodles we all love. One of the newest restaurants to grace the Nashville dining scene is turning ramen-doubters (those that only see the cheap orange package) into ramen-worshippers. It’s name? Two Ten Jack.

Located in the bustling shops at the intersection of Eastland and Chapel in East Nashville, the Izakaya and Ramen house has seen incredible popularity since it’s opening in January of this year. With a 360 degree bar as it’s centerpiece, the restaurant is trending with minimal light fixtures mixed with tastefully themed Japanese décor. In addition to the bar with full menu options, the juxtaposition of private and communal tables (plus the outdoor patio) creates an easy transition from date night diners to large parties. It truly feels like an Americanized Ramen House, with its energetic atmosphere, approachable and adept service, and authentic spirit. Two Ten Jack could be plucked out of Nashville and placed in any major city.

Lucky for Nashvillians, the Ramen house is staying put, and the (nearly) natives are flocking to try rotating cocktails on tap, small plates, sushi, and a steaming hot bowl of Ramen goodness. The menu includes expertly executed hot and cold options, adding southern flare to traditional Japanese dishes. Not only can foodies dine on maki and sashimi, they can satisfy their palate with Japanese fried chicken, or as it’s fondly named by Two Ten Jack, “JFC”. There’s even a chance that you could convince the meat and potato lover in your life to give this place a shot; there’s something for everyone! Of course, the Ramen is not to be forgotten. With vegetarian, chicken, and pork options, Two Ten Jack has one rule: no takeout. They believe firmly that to preserve the integrity of the Ramen, it must be enjoyed when it’s initially prepared, so save room for this tasty bowl filled with greens, soft-boiled egg, and much more than your run of the mill cup of noodles.

Perfect for date nights and group nights, but not sports game nights, the Ramen House will leave you full and happy. As it does enjoy extreme popularity and only takes reservations of 6 or more, try to pay a visit with your party of four on a weeknight or belly up to the bar with your best friend on the weekend. Whether you’re reminded of your college days or you’re craving an elevated Ramen cuisine that you never knew existed, Two Ten Jack should be the next restaurant on your priority list.

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Check out their website on the Eat Like a Native page!



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