Nearly Native Eats: Chago’s Cantina

Planning a group outing can be a delicate matter. First the type of food, then what neighborhood to go to. Is it close to the bar we want to go to afterward? Are we driving or are we cabbing it? How many people? Do we want to be able to talk to each other or just shout over the music? Is this place trendy? Will we have trouble getting in? That one waiter that your friend dated briefly works at that one restaurant so you can’t go there. When choosing the perfect restaurant to satisfy the needs of a group of people, it can truly become an overwhelming decision. In Nashville, there are restaurants that are just meant for a date night or for the big game, but what about those that are perfect for the group? Most of the time you can get people to agree on a few fundamental things: Mexican food, margaritas, cheap prices, and easy seating. Chago’s Cantina, located in the heart of the Belmont Hillsboro neighborhood in Nashville, is the answer to your requirements.

This neighborhood restaurant is casual and comfortable, yet just fun and lively enough to let that margarita buzz energize you. Chagos doesn’t augment its reputation with claims of authenticity or sophistication, they simply serve up food that they know and love and hope that you’ll love it too. With no frills indoor and outdoor seating and upbeat musical accompaniment (no, not the expected traditional Mexican mariachi music) brought to you by overhead speakers playing anything from oldies to today’s pop, this restaurant makes patrons feel as if they’re walking into a party at friend’s home.

Not only will you feel welcome in anything from flip-flops to wing tips and high heels, you’ll be highly satisfied with the menu selection. Chagos offers traditional items like Enchiladas, Burritos, and Chimichangas with their own personal flare, while featuring unique options like collard greens and cole slaw. There’s an absolute chance that your plate may look like a new food genre that could be defined as “Southern Mexican”, composed of flashed fried goodies from two very different geographical regions. The food is delectable and unique, but the drink menu is epic. For the margarita purist who prefers less of the unnatural neon green color and more tequila, the La Flaquita (aka the Skinny girl, but believe you truly get more bang for your buck) can be requested in a pitcher! With a plethora of infused tequila, premium and domestic cervezas and wine, Chagos will leave you pleasantly full and probably a little drunk. Don’t overlook their happy hour either as it runs Monday through Friday from 3 to 7pm and offers half priced Chago-rita’s, domestic drafts, cheap buckets of Corona, and brunch specials.

If you’re looking to exceed the expectations of friends with a night of relaxed and delicious dining then look no further than the neighborhood Mexican joint that’s been turning out satisfied customers since 2011. Chagos Cantina will serve up a group outing not to be forgotten!

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Check out their website on the Eat Like a Native page!


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