Nearly Native Eats: Bound’ry

With the influx of newly minted residents and national attention in recent years, it’s no secret that the dining scene in Nashville has become an incredibly competitive and diverse landscape. Culinary heavyweights from across the country have been drawn to Middle Tennessee and the promise of a progressive market ripe with food-lovers eager to get a taste of the “next big thing”. New restaurants are springing up all across the city, but before there were as many openings in a month as there are bachelorette parties on a Broadway Saturday night, there were local restaurants that transcended “trendy” and knew how to keep patrons coming back for more. The type of establishments that, despite the mass arrival of fresh eateries, have withstood the test of this fast-paced food revolution that has taken over Nashville. One such restaurant, standing tall among the new wave, is Bound’ry.

Nestled among local restaurants on 20th Ave South, just a minutes walk from the heavy traffic of Division Street in Midtown, Bound’ry is a staple for its regulars who come to partake in a relaxed and cozy dining experience.  Not only does the restaurant occupy a versatile space with indoor/outdoor seating, private dining, and casual bar area, it offers an intimate, yet appropriate environment perfect for conversation. Fire pits for warmth on a cool night and windows fit to be opened wide on a sunny day make Bound’ry suitable for any time of year and for large party or date night reservations. In addition to a plethora of seating variations for any occasion, the accompanying menu stands to supply even more options for patrons to choose from. The wine list is extensive and changes frequently. The cocktails are strong and satisfying. But the food, created with detail and care, is the shining gold star among Bound’ry’s list of features.

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Offering an eclectic American menu with a hint of southern flare, patrons can choose from a range of options from classic staples such as the White Marble Smoked Pork Chop to duck and arugula dusted flatbreads and smoked antelope. Changing seasonally, Bound’ry adjusts to available market ingredients and crafts new dishes to introduce to those that continue to come back for their favorites. Needless to say, there are options to please every palate, and shared plates to foster the comfortable environment that Bound’ry proudly owns.

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All of the recent commotion in the local dining scene, as restaurants continue to seemingly materialize across the city, makes it difficult for Nashvillians not to get distracted by the blur of modernized menus and trendy locations. While the restaurant industry boom reflects the bright future that’s in store for Nashville, it’s the long-standing establishments such as Bound’ry that residents have come to know and love that stand as the influential cornerstones. So instead of trying the newest restaurant in town with the latest in “carbonated cocktails” for your next night out, Nashville newbies should pay tribute to those who’s reputation and legacy spans generations of foodies. Not just a one-hit wonder, Bound’ry has been and will be serving up their quality service for many years to come.

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Check out their website on the Eat Like a Native page!

COMING SOON: An interview with Bound’ry Executive Chef, Philip Shyatt

(Photos: Smoked Broken Arrow Antelope (top),

Smoked Duck Breast Flat Bread with the Old Fashioned (Middle), Tuna 2 Ways (bottom))

Photos by Erin Alaine


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