Nearly Native Eats: Virago

When choosing the perfect meal to enjoy with friends before a night out on the town one must be selective, considering your audience, in addition to what you’re personally craving. You don’t want something too light or too heavy. There are times when a selecting that heavy Mexican or Italian pasta meal leaves you in a post-Thanksgiving food-coma state and ready to go home to bed. But on a Saturday night when toasting to a friend’s birthday or out on a date, being food-drunk up to your eyeballs isn’t going to cut it. Aside from having major self-control in front of a pile of free chips or dinner rolls, or just not eating at all (not smart), what meal could possibly fill you up yet leave just enough room for you to continue your night out? Seafood lovers rejoice! Sushi might just be the best thing to satisfy your pre party cravings. But what can Nashvillians do? We’re in the middle of the country and sushi doesn’t necessarily come easily. Luckily, MStreet’s Virago delivers the quality of sushi expected from high-end coastal establishments to the heart of Nashville.

With a reputation that precedes itself, this MStreet gem has been critically acclaimed and nationally recognized for providing impeccable Asian Fusion and Sushi dining, elevating its status to Nashville restaurant royalty. Stepping from McGavock Street through the doors of Virago transports patrons from the hustle and bustle of The Gulch and surrounding restaurants into a sleek and modern scene. With rooftop patio, lounge seating, and three-sided bar as the focal point of the main dining area, Virago is reminiscent of an exclusive club rather than just another “fancy restaurant”. With a range of guests from daters to businessmen to energetic groups and curious out-of-towners, the space is occupied by those who’ve dressed to impress and are ready to reach a little deeper in their wallets. There is a dress code: no hats, sleeveless shirts, jerseys, or flip-flops. Virago is not sweatpants appropriate or cheap. Expect that, in order to experience the freshest fish and impeccable dishes they’re known for, you’ll have a pay more than you would for your Kroger-style sushi to go. Given that knowledge, Virago draws patrons that anticipate a special night, not booze-fueled Broadway-goers.

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Suited for more than strictly sushi-lovers, Virago’s menu satisfies traditional diners with stir fry, chicken, and steak options. So if your girlfriend is seriously hinting at a sushi date night, but the thought of raw fish makes your stomach do flips, you won’t have to fret about living off of that side of white rice you’d be forced order elsewhere. Virago offers diverse Asian fusion with style and expertise. Additionally, the cocktail list rounds out the overall impression that this place is not just another Nashville restaurant, but a cut above the rest. The carefully crafted martinis are highly recommended and their sake selection is extensive. If you enjoy a good kick of wasabi, give the Wasabi Martini a try! To top it all off the service is professional and just friendly enough to keep guests happy and not distract them from their conversations. If your budget consciousness has kept you away from trying Virago, go for Maki-Sake Monday when select Maki (sushi rolls) are half-price and select cocktails/sake are two-for-one.

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If sushi and Asian fusion fine dining sounds like the perfect precursor to your next night out on the town then there is no other restaurant to impress your friends, date, or business partner with than Virago. Make reservations and come a bit early to enjoy a cocktail at the bar before settling in to your intimately lit booth and digging into that White Dragon roll. As yet another shining example of the blossoming local dining scene, Virago stands in the top echelon of Nashville restaurants. So the next time you and your guests are willing to spend a little more buck for a little more bang to properly prepare for a night out, put Virago at the top of your list.

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Check out their website on the Eat Like a Native page!


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