Nearly Native Eats: Wild Cow

Being a vegetarian in a restaurant can be tough. Being a vegan can be even tougher. Up until recently, menu options for you non-carnivore’s at most restaurants were sparse and most of the time you just ended up looking really picky: asking to remove this, add that. Depending on how strict you are, you may not even allow for chicken broth. So you end up defeated, knowing that you can count the number of accommodating local restaurants on one hand. However, a new age has dawned on the world of dining. With the onset of a more health-concious society, words like “gluten-free”, “vegan-friendly”,  “vegetarian-friendly” are as normal on menus as the chicken fingers on the kids menu. Veggies rejoice! Not only are most restaurants adjusting their offerings, but there are even places wholly dedicated to those with dietary restrictions. Nashvillians aren’t missing out either. The Wild Cow Vegetarian Restaurant is showing us all that being a veggie is so much more enjoyable than a plate of celery stalks and lettuce.

Located in East Nashville, Wild Cow has been a staple in exemplary vegan/vegetarian food for many years and for many thousands of Nashvillians. Occupying a small storefront on Eastland Avenue, The Wild Cow is in high demand, barely able to accommodate the patrons literally chomping at the bit to get a taste of artfully created veggie-friendly food. During peak times like the dinner rush, the vegetarian restaurant can be considered among one of the most highly sought after dining destinations in Nashville. On a Friday or Saturday night you may even have to wait outside in order to get a table. But who can blame the veggies (and many non-veggies!) for wanting to get a taste of Wild Cow’s diverse and innovate dishes? With items like Buffalo Tempeh Strips, Wild Reuben, and the Veggie Burger, you can easily forget about craving traditional proteins.

Carnivores may doubt the veggie way of life, assuming that tempeh is bland, tofu is mushy, and the veggie burger is nothing like that medium-rare quarter pounder they’re used to. But once they’ve given Wild Cow the change it rightfully deserves, the food will speak for itself. Dishes are carefully crafted with depth in seasoning, sauces, and preparation. Entrees will leave patrons’ tummies complete satisfied, but in order to enjoy the full veggie experience, save room for a vegan dessert. It might sound crazy to those who’ve only known full-fat, butter-filled sweet treats, but Wild Cow goes above and beyond with a diverse selection of tasty cakes, cookies, and pastries that prove that even those who don’t eat meat haven’t lost their sweet tooth.

With a laid back attitude and welcoming service, The Wild Cow convincingly represents the vegan/vegetarian population in Nashville. It’s impressive entrees and desserts don’t need meat to be amazing and patrons can enjoy the delicious bites in-house or on-the-go. Visit them after your workout or on a date, it’s a “come as you are” establishment. If the carnivore in your life ever needs convincing that being a veggie is much more enjoyable than they believe, The Wild Cow is the perfect place to state your case.

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Check out their website on the Eat Like a Native page!

NOTE: Closed on Tuesdays!



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