Nearly Native Drinks: The Vine

The south loves its beer and it’s whiskey. Heck, Nashville is mere hours from Kentucky bourbon country. Breweries and distilleries are littered across the metropolitan area, dominating the local drinking scene, but what about the wine-os?! Of course there’s Arrington Vineyards, a beautiful haven for the wine-loving masses, but the 30-minute drive can discourage those looking for a cheap Uber home from “Friday night wine night”. The wine bar options within the city limits are few and far between, so it looks like it’ll be another night of Yazoo beer flights for your friends. But wait! The search for convenient and affordable wine flights has come to an end! Wine-os rejoice! The Vine is here!

Located in what many Nashvillians consider to be the building of rotating restaurant openings, The Vine occupies the corner of the 5th and Main building in the transitional space between downtown and East Nashville. The Vine faces the challenging reputation of its location head on with its unique wine bar and restaurant concept, bringing a number of wine flights (pre-selected AND build-your-own) and a vast selection of libations to Nashville diners. In addition to embodying the local wine-o’s fantasy of flights galore, the Vine offers a classically American menu selection logically crafted to coincide with your vino. Pizzas, salads, meatballs & lasagna, pork chops and salmon are dressed up and ready to be shared among friends or with a date to help you wash down the wine flight that the waiter, informed but polite, suggests you to try. Conveying a casual and accessibly sophisticated setting, The Vine’s jazzy live music and mix of dim lighting and pops of color throughout recalls the feeling of being barside in 1990s New York City. Although it’s location is mere minutes from the Broadway honky tonks, the wine bar manages to take you away from small city southern living as you sample each wine and observe the ambience.

The Vine is exactly what wine-os should expect: a bar/restaurant that (finally) showcases a vast number of wines served in various formats (flight, glass, half bottle, etc.) and traditionally paired with thoughtfully prepared American food. This hip little spot steps away from the typical Nashville beer or whiskey-heavy joint, adding diversity to the ever-evolving local dining scene. A worthy spot for any wine lover and a formidable anchor for 5th and Main, The Vine might just be the perfect spot to withstand the infamous test of the rotating restaurant!

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(Top Left) Kale Salad, (Top Right) Red Pizza, (Bottom Left) Corn & Arugula Salad, (Bottom Right) Lobster Mac & Cheese

Check out their website on the Eat Like a Native or Drink Like a Native pages!

NOTE: Parking can be difficult here, luckily there’s Valet!



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