Nearly Native Eats: The Treehouse

Topping the list of every child’s fantasies: the life-size electric toy car, the trampoline, the backyard pool, and the treehouse. Who wouldn’t want to ride like the wind in their own Power Wheels jeep or have the best pool on the block? But to have a treehouse, a space that’s all your own and out of your parents’ reach, to play games with friends and hide every secret note or special trinket? Now that’s priceless. One such restaurant has harnessed the magical power of our childhood hideaway among the trees with an adult-sized oasis among the busy streets of East Nashville. Literal in namesake, The Treehouse playfully blends our childhood memories with our adult tastes.

Located on the bustling corner of Five Points in the heart of East Nashville, The Treehouse offers a small plate (or tapas) dining experience in the comfort of what was once a long-standing private home. Paying homage to the residence and the original treehouse that was constructed under the owner’s supervision, The Treehouse has transformed the house into an adult play land, complete with expansive deck and dine-in treehouse. No joke, you can actually eat IN the treehouse. Childhood fantasy fulfilled! Even the outdoor decor alludes to a child-like organized chaos, with each deck panel donning it’s own unique doodle. Granted, it does get chilly in the winter, despite some miniature heaters, but summer temperatures will make it one of the best spots in town for patio socializing. The main dining space inside of the house serves as the “parental” space, with slightly more upscale, heavily wooded decor and oversized communal tables. It truly seems like a home, with the juxtaposition of the polished interior and colorful exterior. As if, when you sneak away to the treehouse you hear yourself saying, “When the parents are away, the children will play”.


The space is undoubtably unique, but one of the main features of this restaurant is, of course, the menu. With a number of small plates, some seasonally rotating, and a strong cocktail menu, The Treehouse can stand on much more than just their decor. The menu plays of the familiarity of dishes like home fries and chicken wings with flavorful and unexpected ingredients. It’s hard to even put a thumb on the style of food because plates range from Latin to Mexican to American to Chinese. Luckily for diners, the size of the plates allows for multiple dishes to share. Despite the bar food names on the menu, the food is far from a greasy dish served in a plastic basket. It’s attentively prepared and served in waves so that all of the plates don’t come out at once.


The array of food and drink, in addition to the nostalgic yet intimate setting, makes for the perfect date night or girls night. But it’s small! Although the patio space greatly increases the capacity, seating is limited, so if you have a party of four (their minimum) or more, make reservations! As it is conveniently located, parking can be tricky too, but always try the lot next to the house before searching the street or paying for a pricey hourly spot. Nevertheless, the wait will be worth your while. The Treehouse will stimulate your taste buds and your memories leaving you with a childlike sense of excitement and a pleasantly full belly.


Check out their website on the Eat Like a Native page!


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