Nearly Native Eats: Biscuit Love Brunch

Brunch is a happy combination of breakfast and lunch brought to the masses by the restaurant industry to enable the enjoyment of both meals in one sitting. Generally associated with weekend activities, brunch might even involve alcohol consumption to the point of needing a mid-afternoon nap before gathering yourself for the evening. Whether you’re an egg man, pancake connoisseur, chicken and waffles lover, or total breakfast hater, brunch has a little something to satisfy every palate. Luckily our local restaurants are catching on to the fact that brunch is pretty much the bomb and one of the newest spots to take Nashville by storm is Biscuit Love Brunch.


Finding fame as a food truck first, Biscuit Love could be found at several local businesses around Nashville with lines that quickly extended as soon as they opened their “mobile” doors. Biscuit Love brought the classic southern dish of Biscuits and Gravy to the streets of our fair city with creative and innovative modifications. However they weren’t a “one trick pony”, the food truck showcased other delectable dishes for Nashvillians to scarf down. We’re talking hot chicken, beef burgers, oatmeal, and the ever-popular Bonuts (a beautiful cross between a biscuit and a filled-donut). This beloved mobile restaurant is known far and wide across Nashville, gaining notoriety locally, as well as nationally. Lucky for us locals, the overwhelming success of this brunch-mobile has now been transformed into a standing restaurant.

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Biscuit Love Brunch very recently opened its brick and mortar doors to it’s already massive following, seeing well-deserved prosperity in its Gulch location. With an extended menu including their staples (BONUTS!!), more lunch options, and libations for a boozy brunch, Nashvillians can now experience brunch brought to you by Biscuit Love every day of the week.

In order to get your brunch on Biscuit Love style, you first pursue the menu while standing in line to order at the front of the restaurant. Once your order is place, servers will bring your food to your table, so you have time to savor your coffee or cocktail before your food arrives. With high ceilings and Nashville-chic décor, the restaurant feels right at home in its location, making it impossible not to feel the pleasant energy of your fellow brunchers. Basically, this place get its. Brunch is becoming a weekly activity for Nashvillians and Biscuit Love has risen to the top of the list of options. So grab your bestie and get your hands on some Bonuts ASAP!


 Check out their website on the Eat Like a Native page!


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