Nearly Native Eats: Josephine

It’s date night and pressure’s on. You’re ready to have a great night with your significant other without any distractions. So where do you go? You want something intimate, but not empty; energetic, but not sporty; classy, but not outrageously expensive. Not to mention delicious food is an absolute must. To top it all off your “boo” has specifically requested American-style eats, no authentic ethnic foods tonight! It may feel like it’s almost impossible to find the perfect Nashville restaurant to create the evening you envision. Then it hits you: that neighborhood spot that’s been on your mind since the glimmering lights of the bustling bar caught your eye as you passed by stuck in (typical 12 South) neighborhood traffic: Josephine.


Establishing its presence in the 12 South neighborhood of Nashville in late 2013, Josephine delivers American contemporary food with an approachable and charismatic style. If the constant valet line and hovering crowd isn’t obvious enough, the reservations booked out weeks in advance are the main indication that the chic local restaurant has become quite popular among Nashvillians. The atmosphere is vibrant, with an active hum of conversation among patrons seated around candlelit tables and a glowing bar serving each side of the restaurant floor. The main dining room emits a constant flow of movement, from the attentive wait staff to the patrons who excitedly enjoy small plates and await their entrees. There’s no need for televisions at Josephine. Patrons are not here for the big game or for a wild party, they’re here for a conversation, a connection.


While the restaurant’s overall appeal is its lively yet interactive ambience, the menu alone draws quite a crowd. Since it’s opening, Josephine has been consistently recognized for its impeccable American fare. The menu mixes familiar staples with inventive ingredients to create dishes that even the less adventurous diner is eager to try. While the dinner menu features amazing dishes like Buffalo Cauliflower, Chestnut Ravioli,  Lobster Risotto, and The Josephine Steak (cooked to perfection in this Nashvillian’s opinion), the brunch menu has amassed an impressive following on its own. The weekend brunch’s Pistachio and dried cherry sticky buns alone have gotten more media face time in the Nashville “brunching” than almost any other sweet treat. There are options for vegetarians and carnivores alike, so no one will leave with an empty stomach! Most anything that you try at Josephine will entice your taste buds and encourage you to share not only your conversation, but also your dining choices among friends and loved ones.


More than a local hotspot or trendy Nashville restaurant, Josephine is an anchor in the ever-expanding 12 South neighborhood, located just minutes from downtown. Although it’s no longer the new kid on the block, Josephine continues to elevate the local competitive landscape and is a sure sign that Nashville’s dining scene is more noteworthy than ever. Just the right spot to fit all of your date night requirements, this approachable and sophisticated neighborhood eatery will leave you happily satisfied and coming back for more.


Pictured: Pretzel bread & Bloomy Rind cheese plate (Top),

Buffalo cauliflower & Brussels sprouts, Josephine Steak, Chocolate Mousse (Bottom)

Check out their website on the Eat Like a Native page!



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