Nearly Natives Know (Fast Facts): Joy Ride Nashville

When you think of a “joy ride” generally words like “debauchery” and “mischief” come to mind. It’s the type of activity that your token rebellious friend persuades you to take part in. Something you pretend not to approve of while you secretly cheer on the inside. Or maybe you just envision Ferris Bueller careening towards downtown Chicago on his impromptu day off. Regardless of the typical association, Nashville now has a new type of joy ride that’s not only safe and legal, but it’s also fun! Joyride Nashville is an on demand shuttle transportation service that features dedicated drivers and city tours. Here are some facts about the service that (nearly) natives need to know:

  1. The Shuttles: Joyride’s shuttles are those fancy golf carts you’ve seen driving all over the city. Yes, they can be open air in the summer time, but don’t worry about getting chilly – All carts are covered and heated during the colder months. They do NOT go on the highway, so don’t get any funny ideas Ferris Bueller style.
  2. The Drivers: Drivers don’t just get you from point A to point B, they are well-informed Nashvillians (native or otherwise) that can provide you with recommendations for maximizing your fun; They’re not your typical cab drivers, they can be reserved and they’re curators of the Nashville experience. But hey, if you live in Nashville and you have a game plan, they can still get you there without any advice.
  3. Tips ONLY: Joyride is 100% tipped based so the service the drivers provide are dependent on the experience.
  4. Services:
    • Point to Point – From on place to another, aka from the restaurant to the bar 🙂
    • Tours – City Sightseeing Tours, Brewery Tours
    • Games – Bar Golf Party (could it get any better?!)
    • Events – Available for transportation to/from events located in the city, including concerts, special events, corporate events, employee transportation, and more!
  5. Areas of Service: Downtown Nashville, Midtown, The Gulch, SoBro, Germantown, 12South, West End, East Nashville, Hillsboro Village, 8th Avenue; Not sure what these areas include? Check their website HERE


So the next time you feel your finger moving to your Uber app for your friends in town, think again! Let Joyride help you experience a new side of Nashville and quickly get you where you need to go.

Contact Joy Ride at (615) 285-9835 OR

For more information on Joy Ride go to the Explore Like a Native page!


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