Nearly Native Eats: Little Octopus

Have you ever set out to have an epic night, complete with dinner then drinks out on the town until way past your bedtime, only to have it foiled by the unanticipated post-heavy-meal “food baby” weighing you down? You started out with conviction, telling yourself you’ll avoid eating the entire basket of chips or finishing off that molten lava cake, but how could you resist? Everything was just SO delicious, but the more you stuff yourself the more your bed and some stretchy pants sound better than getting your groove on. There are times for these indulgent meals, but there are also times that you want to feel invigorated by your meal and ready to take on the night. Well get ready Nashville, Little Octopus is here to serve up some seriously tasty, fresh food to power you up for more than a post-dinner date with your couch.


As the newest resident in the POP Nashville space, Little Octopus has created a menu for the health conscious Nashvillian that appreciates eating robust and savory eats to get their sustenance. For the skeptics: Just because it’s “healthy” doesn’t mean it tastes like cardboard. Comprised of a wide variety of small plates and entrée dishes to share, this East Nashville newbie showcases unique lunch and dinner options. The majority of the menu is noted with a combination of Gluten Free, Pescatarian, and Vegan labels, but this shouldn’t scare the meat and potato loving masses. Lunch features hardy dishes like Skirt Steak and Cuban sandwiches, while dinner has Pan Roasted Chicken and Grilled Scallops. Of course, with a name like “Little Octopus” the seafood selection is scattered throughout and is designed for enjoying among friends, so order up! On top of it all, the complimentary appetizer isn’t a pound of bread or a bag of chips, Little Octopus is serving halved radishes with sea salt to satisfy you just enough while you wait for the main attraction. And don’t worry; they’ve got signature cocktails and a selection of vino to compliment your many dishes.


Beyond the menu that makes its stand as innovative and distinctive among the competitive Nashville dining scene, Little Octopus keeps its seating limited and the ambience intimate. The venue is fit for conversation, whether it’s a first date or a group hang, allowing for you to hear yourself without intense music or the latest game blaring in the background. It’s the perfect place to test your taste buds and trade plates without loading up on anything deep fried or greasy. Bonus: They have a patio!little4

But make a note! Check POP Nashville’s website before you plan you visit to this buzzworthy new pop-up resident, as there are times when the space is closed for special events. The whole idea of the Pop Nashville space is showcase restaurant concepts in a well-equipped, versatile space. Although Little Octopus is now the main resident, that doesn’t mean there won’t be special nights where other Chefs and cuisine take up the space where Little Octopus usually resides.

Regardless of personal dietary directives, meat lovers and vegans can find common ground at Little Octopus without feeling full to the point of immobility. Skip the cheese fries and fried chicken for a night and fuel up with flavorful food that won’t leave you wanting to be horizontal on your couch instead of out on the town. Grab your friends or your favorite date night companion and get yourself to this healthy hot spot today!


Check out their website on the Eat Like a Native page!



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