Nearly Native Eats: bartaco

The taco is a rare form of sustenance that can take on any challenge. Stuff it with beef and cheese, dress it in BBQ brisket, or deep fry it and add ice cream. The taco can satisfy whatever your craving may be, savory or sweet. There’s no need to operate a steak knife or some crazy chopsticks for tacos, you don’t even need a plate to easily consume this deliciousness. So if tacos are considered the chameleon in portable foodstuffs, how can restaurants truly set themselves apart from the cart wielding street vendors and mass-producing moms whose families consider taco Tuesday a religion? As the newest neighbor in 12 South, bartaco is bringing their taco A-game to Nashville, creating a distinct taco experience that sticks.


With locations along the eastern seaboard and in Atlanta, bartaco brought its expertise to Nashville earlier this fall and has been packing out it’s 12 South corner ever since. Their style is street tacos, but beyond chicken and chorizo they offer the likes of the curry shrimp, ribeye, and duck. This ain’t no drive through fast food taco joint; bartaco is showcasing inventive variations that cannot simply be shoved over the counter to satisfy your “fourth meal” cravings. To round out their versatile taco selection, sides such as guacamole, plantains and tamales can be ordered to share. These tacos are small but mighty, so a light meal may mean sticking with an order of two if you’re sharing a side, but if you’re going for gold, order more! Don’t worry about being limited to ordering in bulk in the same style either, each taco comes individually. Bartaco’s cocktail menu is no slouch either. They make sure to use all natural ingredients in their libations, so that means no radioactive green color for your margaritas.

So they have a lot of tacos and a lot of tequila, but beyond the menu luring patrons to this 12 South hotspot is the fun and friendly atmosphere. Take a date here for a casual and conversational meal, enjoy the outdoor patio with friends, or bring your mom in for a cocktail or two. Bartaco is fit for a variety of occasions, even a night at home with their take out option. While this restaurant is already seeing serious success, keep in mind that trying to sneak in during the dinner rush or on the weekends may make for a longer than average wait. Try to go during off-peak hours or perhaps check it out with one other person first so you can grab a seat at the bar. They’re not in the game of reservations so be prepared, but luckily bartaco’s margaritas make the wait much more manageable.


In the game of tacos, it’s hard to stand out and the competitors are strong, but bartaco is showing Nashville that it’s got more than enough experience to rise above the rest. Move over Mom, judging by the crowd that can be found on its 12 South corner bartaco is here to stay, showing Nashville that the age of the generic taco is so over.

Check out their website on the Eat Like a Native page!


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