Nearly Native Drinks: Bar Luca

A glass of wine per day keeps the doctor away, right? It’s said that (some) red wines have antioxidants and all of this heart-healthy goodness which allows us to justify our drinking habits. But go beyond a modest “doctor recommended” 8-ounce pour and suddenly you’re a lush! If we must stick with one (maybe three) glass of our favorite grapes, then it should be the best glass ever. Boycott boxed wine! Ignore your open bottle! East Nashville’s Bar Luca is a wine bar that’s teaching Nashvillians to make cheating their one glass daily quota worth the extra sips.


Whether its white, bubbles, red or rose, this new bar is in the business of wine that will make you forget about that $8 bottle you resort to at home. As it says in it’s name, Bar Luca’s focus isn’t food with booze to compliment, it takes care to showcase the best in wine ripe for your selection. However, don’t worry if you’re not much for the vino – they’ve carefully created an exceptional list of beer and classic cocktails. While they make picking your poison quite easy, with a staff that can make recommendations on command, you won’t go hungry (or go home a bit too buzzed). They have snacks that are perfect to pair with your strategically selected libation.

Bar Luca is cozy and conversational, perfect for a night with the ladies, an intimate date, or a cocktail with a coworker. It’s space just off of Gallatin Avenue isn’t meant for massive parties, but rather small groups who are keen on catching up. Plus, if you’re looking for a spot to take a first date, this bar’s casually cool vibe allows you to get to know your date over drinks without the commitment of a full meal. While Bar Luca may not be meant for a rowdy crowd, it’s just the right amount of energy to help you enjoy that drink you’ve been waiting for all day. So instead of reaching for that sad bottle you’ve been sipping from all week,  Bar Luca is just what the doctor ordered to seriously step up your 8-ounce quota game.


 Check out their website on the Drink Like a Native page!


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