Nearly Native Explores: Nashville Fashion Week

To all you fashion-lovers out there, the best week of the year has arrived. Nashville may not rank among the industry pillars of New York and Milan, but fashion week around here is no amateur hour. With its inaugural year in 2011, Nashville Fashion Week, fondly nicknamed NFW by devotees, has become an established annual celebration of all things amazing in the industry from right here in Middle Tennessee. We’re certainly not at a loss for creativity in this budding metropolis and NFW is showing fashionistas from around the country that Nashville’s got some serious statements to make.

For some of you, there’s no need for making a case on why you should attend one of this week’s shows. You’re already sold. But say you’re not one to stay on top of the latest trends – you wear your jeans until they’re tattered to the point of no return or you’re totally comfortable in your daily flannel uniform. Maybe you’re just a guy and you’re trying to avoid the dreaded invitation from your girlfriend to be her date. Nashville Fashion Week isn’t just skirts and sequins, there’s menswear, accessories, and after parties to attend! Runway shows are strategically situated in awesome venues around town throughout the week, and liquid courage is provided at the events in case you’re not quite sipping the NFW cool-aid yet.

Over the years this week has become seriously popular, getting national notoriety, and it’ll only continue to evolve. So why not jump on this fashion train early and attend one of the events this week? You might just find that fashion in Nashville is pretty fantastic. Tickets are still available HERE!


Photo by Nashville Fashion Week


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