Nearly Native Eats: Bajo Sexto Taco Lounge

Tacos are a beautiful thing. Simple in structure, easy to prepare and totally portable, they are not only engrained in our culture, they have emerged as a food movement with a whole day dedicated to them (#tacotuesday). The strong popularity of this traditional Mexican dish and the number of taco-touting restaurants in Nashville only continues to bloat. Nashvillians not only have copious options to taste the classic taco, we can nosh on innovative reanimations of this dish all over town. One of the newest spots to serve up their interpretations to the taco-loving masses is Bajo Sexto Taco Lounge.


With a spacious indoor/outdoor layout separated by simple garage doors, the West Nashville location is Bajo Sexto’s second to open in the Music City after it was established downtown inside of the Country Music Hall of Fame. This isn’t some fancy taco joint with dimly lit booths or flaming drinks, it’s no-frills style is all about the tacos. When you arrive, make sure to order from the menu that’s splashed across the wall at the entrance and take your number as you’re guided to the nearest table garnished with only the essentials: buckets full of utensils and napkins. This is not the kind of taco joint you dress up for, come comfortable and in the summertime, come ready to embrace the heat.IMG_3212

The key to Bajo Sexto is simplistic nature of everything they serve. From the boozy “Classic B.S.” margarita made of tequila, orange and lime, to a taco lineup highlighting a variety of proteins balanced with flavorful salsas and produce, Bajo Sexto does not try to be anything more than it is. The street-sized tacos allow you to sample one of their other small dishes or share several among friends. Even if you’re not a fan of washing down your meal with a margarita, there are cocktails featuring bourbon, rum and moonshine that can quench your thirst! And for the adventurous among you, take a chance on the chapulines taco, featuring roasted grasshoppers (yikes!).


With a laid back attitude and mexican-style bites for every craving, Bajo Sexto Taco Lounge accommodates the West Nashville masses with extended hours on the weekends to ensure that even late-night taco lovers can have a taste. While the parking lot gets tight during peak hours, this lounge is great for a leisurely patio hang and perhaps perfect for your next #tacotuesday.


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