Nearly Native Eats: Edgehill

Running a restaurant in an increasingly competitive landscape such as Nashville can be tough and sometimes a new perspective is needed to stay relevant. Once a quaint coffee shop suited for quick meetings or caffeinated study sessions, Edgehill Cafe focused more on coffee brews and small bites than on being a full-fledged restaurant. Although the cafe never had any trouble keeping patrons coming in the door, it recognized an opportunity to expand, into the space next door as a matter of fact, in order to transform into a chic, yet comfortable restaurant complete with a mighty impressive menu.


With a fresh new prospective, Edgehill (also known as Edgehill Cafe) reopened its doors after a brief hiatus to a crowd eager to test out their shiny new kitchen capabilities. Now less like a simple coffee shop and more like a fully functional restaurant, this American eatery comes complete with a number of indoor and outdoor seating options and dishes that are diverse enough for every craving. Open all day from 7am to 8pm, Edgehill acts as the perfect place for a clean and casual business meeting, a laid back boozy brunch or coffee-fueled workspace. Even during peak times, the dull roar of the crowd doesn’t overpower, allowing for the conversation or concentration necessary for achieving the day’s goals.

Amidst a growing number of American-style restaurants, Edgehill set itself apart by not only offering indulgent dishes like chicken and waffles, but also health-conscious options like the toasted quinoa bowl. With Edgehill, you can please your friend who’s forever “on a diet” while also satisfying your meat and potato-loving companion. Plus, the two-for-one mimosa brunch special and array of specialty coffee drinks are the perfect way to lure anyone to this Hillsboro Village haven. The new and improved Edgehill has elevated it’s eatery game as an all-occasions (minus sports game watching) restaurant for a gathering among friends to entertaining a client.


For more information on Edgehill, visit the Eat Like A Native page.


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