Nearly Native Eats: Vui’s Kitchen

A quick and healthy lunch can be hard to come by amongst a sea of deep-fried fast food joints. Even when you stumble on something green it could be watered down, tasteless,  nothing like the food you can whip up at home. But who has time to create fresh meals on a daily basis? If you had the option, wouldn’t you ditch the bland and go for something with an exotic little kick? Vui’s Kitchen is serving up fresh and fast Vietnamese food for Nashvillians who need a healthy option with flavorful flare.

Located in Berry Hill, Vui’s brings variety to the lunch (and dinner!) convenience-style dining scene. While there’s no drive-thru, meaning to have to actually “work” for your food by parking in the gravel lot next to its doors, this Vietnamese restaurant provides a unique and different meal alternative to your regularly scheduled sub sandwich. At Vui’s you can choose to pick up your meal or sit in the cozy little dining area to enjoy your food. Granted, during peak lunch and dinner hours a seat may be hard to come by and the line may be a *bit long, but wouldn’t you rather try something new knowing that others are already enjoying it? If this little shop, nestled amongst a number of other Berry Hill dining options, had no patrons busting open its doors, wouldn’t you question your decision to take a chance on something other than your bland American burger? So if you’re not willing to wait a few extra minutes for your meal, try visiting Vui’s at a time a bit before or after the regular crowd.


Though it may be small, Vui’s is mighty when it comes to packing a seriously salivating punch in its menu. Mixing traditional Vietnamese flavors with a number of proteins (including tofu!), the menu showcases these intrecate dishes to patrons with ease. Even if you’ve never tried Vietnamese food before, you can find things that are familiar and take a chance on them in a brand new format. Order at the front and snag your table, where your dish is delivered to you, and enjoy beverages ranging from beer and wine to avocado shakes and fresh coconut from the shell.

So yes, when you visit Vui’s you won’t be able to retreat to a default order of chicken fingers or find solace in waffle fries. You will actually have to try some version of Vietnamese food. Just give it a shot! While this may all sound way out of your wheelhouse when it comes to picking up a quick bite to eat, try taking a walk on the wild side and blow your taste buds away with Vui’s Kitchen.

For more information on Vui’s Kitchen, visit the Eat Like A Native page


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