Nearly Native Eats: Barcelona Wine Bar

With vast popularity across the globe, the wine bar is a concept that spans time zones and cities, geography and culture. You’d assume that Nashville would be no different when it comes to the culinary category of the wine bar, yet surprisingly they are few and far between in our great Southern home. While there’s no lack of hot chicken, pizza joints or taco spots in this growing city of foodies, wine bars haven’t quite caught on yet. That’s why, when Barcelona Wine Bar opened it’s doors it practically had people knocking down its door for a taste.img_0985

Residing in Edgehill Village, this wine bar comes to us from a line of several well established locations along the Eastern seaboard and the South with a culture steeped in Spanish and Mediterranean heritage. Barcelona Wine Bar features strategically selected regional wines from around the world, as well as options from small sustainable wine producers. But don’t worry if you don’t enjoy the grapes! Beyond a wide variety of wine to choose from, this wine bar leaves room for carefully crafted cocktails and a beer selection to boot.

Of course as the name says, it is a wine bar, so the obvious expectation is a superior wine list, but Barcelona Wine Bar has much more to offer. They specialize in rich and flavorful Spanish small plates, known as tapas, that are perfect for sharing with a group or for a date night. Even the most picky eater can find something to satisfying on their menu, plus they take reservations, so you can stop worrying about that “one friend” when you make plans to try this worldly new spot.


Nashville may not be known for its wine bars, but Barcelona Wine Bar looks like a promising contender for breaking our dry spell. Spanish food paired with the perfect wine, plus a lively dining room without televisions won’t overpower your intimate table talk, proving that this wine bar is a pleasantly laid back dining experience. Parking in Edgehill can be tough during peak hours, but check the streets to avoid those pay-to-park lots. And don’t forget to plan your next celebration in their private event space!

For more information on Barcelona Wine Bar, visit the Eat Like A Native page


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