Nearly Native Eats: Tànsuǒ

Nowadays Nashville’s used to new construction, just look at the skyline and count the cranes. But for those of us who have been around for a while now for some of the exponential growth, we’ve had the privilege of seeing some old hotspots become new again. A few short years ago, the Gulch was home to a nightclub that hosted touring DJs and dance parties that never quite caught on, forcing their doors to close. Instead of it remaining vacant, falling into the graveyard of Nashville nightlife past, it’s been given new life by the hands of acclaimed chef, Maneet Chauhan as a trendy new restaurant featuring modern Chinese cuisine.

Now open next to its sister restaurant, Chauhan Ale & Masala, Tànsuǒ is the beautiful butterfly that has blossomed out of what was the dark nightclub that used to inhabit this space on 12th Avenue. For those of us that ventured into the club, returning now to Tànsuǒ is a refreshingly new and interesting experience. What used to be deep booths with isolated clientele and a balcony of hidden onlookers at the club is now flooded with colorful and cozy light accompanied by attentive service and refined Chinese fare that’s perfect for an intimate evening.

Unlike the boxed, convenience-oriented Chinese food we’ve traditionally known, Tànsuǒ presents a thoughtfully constructed menu that’s plated and delivered to patrons with great care. While this isn’t the Chinese food you eat in front of a TV movie, the food is a balanced blend of traditional fare with innovative twists. You can try anything from General Tso’s Chicken to Lychee Foie Gras, testing your palate on a wide range of options that go beyond your stereotypical Chinese food assumptions. While you should be sure to make reservations ahead of time, (it’s a hot spot and seats fill up!) you also have the option to sit at the bar with a limited menu of some equally delightful bites situated deep into the main dining room.

It may not be made for a casual night in sweatpants, but Tànsuǒ is perfect for an impressive date night with conversation over cocktails. With valet parking and your reservation, you can quickly slip into your table and take in the ambiance of this alluring new restaurant that’s made what was once a murky club, a shining Gulch eatery.

For more information on Tànsuǒ , visit the Eat Like A Native page


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