Nearly Native Eats: Lonesome Dove Knoxville

It’s great feeling to find the perfect date night spot. A place that’s never too crowded or too loud, never to brightly or dimly lit, ideal for relaxation and conversation with impressive service to boot. While you’d assume this meal would completely clean out your wallet out, it turns out you don’t feel as broke as you thought by the end (bonus!). Can it really get any better? Taking time out of our busy lives to share a meal with someone special that impresses with ease is a simple pleasure that we wish we could indulge in more often. Escape for your day-to-day with a meal at Lonesome Dove Knoxville – the ideal date night that you’ve been looking for.

Located in downtown Knoxville, Lonesome Dove is an urban bistro, serving up multiple courses of American style cooking with a western flare. Instead of simple beef sliders, you can sample them with elk and instead of regular meatballs, try them with pheasant. While this popular spot isn’t meant for the strict vegetarian, the adventurous wild game plates and creative cuts of meat make this more than a chain steakhouse or generic “fancy” meal. Don’t worry if you can’t decide, the exceptional service of the Lonesome Dove staff will recommend a number of options in each course to help you narrow things down. Your tummy may leave stuffed, but you’ll be totally satisfied with the time you carved out for the experience.

If you can’t tell by the raving, the food is definitely worth the visit, but beyond just your dinner, the overall dining experience is not to be ignored. Lonesome Dove’s multi-level, intimately lit interior is tastefully decked out in urban western décor with seating dispersed so you don’t feel like you’re sitting in on someone else’s meal. The service is attentive at just the right times and you’re not rushed to finish your meal, but make sure to reserve a table ahead of time to ensure a seat. Without blaring televisions and rowdy crowds, this restaurant provides the perfect amount of ambiance to feel comfortable and show your special someone a great evening.

The date night can be hard to get exactly right, so when you find a spot with the perfect combination of delicious food, amazing service, and cool ambiance, you can’t overlook it. Lonesome Dove in downtown Knoxville makes what would otherwise be a regular meal a night to never forget.

For more information on Lonesome Dove, visit the Eat Like A Native page



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