Nearly Native Eats: answer.

Who doesn’t love a good neighborhood restaurant? A nearby place to gather with friends that’s just the right balance of casual, but classy without the distraction of blaring televisions or the smell of stale alcohol. Not a local dive bar, totally stuffy dining room, or overcrowded eatery, but a place to get great food and enjoy leisurely conversation. Come in straight from work or a work out class, you won’t be turned away.

Nestled among McCabe Park and Sylvan Park’s charming, gentrified homes, answer offers the convenience of a walkable location with full-flavored, plates perfect for sharing. With seemingly effortless style, answer blends menu items with global influences together to create a rich series of tastes that travels across plates. There’s something for everyone, from those that love seafood to veggie-friendly to carnivores. Grab a bunch of items to try together, then move on to an entrée to top it all off. While answer is open for regular dinner service, they also have a particularly appetizing brunch menu with a patio that’s great for enjoying a little sun.

Walk, run, or park just off the Sylvan Park traffic circle to get to answer’s casually impressive meal. Skip the old draft beer and loud sportscasts of your typical neighborhood dive, instead opt for answer’s comfortably calm atmosphere and bright, bold dishes that will delight your taste buds and create cravings for their food for days to come.

For more information on answer, visit the Eat Like A Native page


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