Nearly Native Eats: Hemingways Bar & Hideaway

If you know anything about Ernest Hemingway, you know that his reputation as a journalist and novelist extends beyond his years. While his writing credentials are impressive, spawning several classic films and winning him a Nobel Prize, his legacy love of adventure, a stiff drink, and the ladies has inspired much more than just his fellow writers. His stories have been recreated and romanticized over generations, so it’s no surprise that many entertainment venues have inherited their key characteristics as well as those from the legend himself. It’s only logical that Nashville should have a restaurant to pay homage to the man himself in Hemingways Bar & Hideaway.

Located in Houston Station, Hemingways lets patrons step from a modern, industrial neighborhood into a World War-era nautical haven (with abundant nearby parking to boot). With simplistic communal seating, dark wood décor, and exposed brick, the restaurant feels like it’s plucked from a seaside city with lingering remnants of the many sea-faring men that have crossed the threshold. As the raucous conversations of each table bounce off the walls and blend together, there’s a feeling of community among people sharing a dining experience. If you’re looking for quiet intimacy, Hemingways might not be the place for you, but if you’re grabbing a group of friends that feed off of energetic conversation, then this place is for you.

Beyond embracing this watering hole’s nautical style, the menu is full of a wide range of options from American-style sandwiches to Duck Poutine and Steak Tartere. There’s something for everyone, including those who prefer veggies over meat-heavy meals. Order several dishes to share or savor a main entrée (like the Korean Fried Chicken) all by yourself. To top it off, their menu of cocktails teases  at their craft concoctions with dramatic flare, leaving you curious to try more. Complicated, yet simple; straightforward, yet elusive, Hemingways Bar and Hideaway embodies the man, the myth, the legend that is Ernest in a dining experience. It’s definitely worth dipping your toe into Ernest’s world for your next meal.

Check out their website on the Eat Like a Native page!


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