Nearly Native Eats: 10 Places to Find the Perfect Kale Salad

Food fads may come and go, but my love for kale runs deep. With a satisfying crunch and leafy green flavor, it takes your salad to the next level. No more iceberg lettuce for me! Whether your sauté it, roast it, blend it or serve it fresh, kale is a versatile veggie that’s packed with vitamins. How can you go wrong? Here are 10 places in Nashville to find the perfect kale salad:

  • Adele’s – This kale salad is piled high with crispy breadcrumbs and light anchovy dressing. Perfect with a side their delicious meatballs.
  • Americano Tapas – A chopped kale salad with twist of almonds, golden raisins, and citrus honey vinaigrette
  • Avo – A kale caesar salad that’s vegan-approved.
  • Burger Up – Try their light and sweet kale salad topped with a bison burger (or beef, turkey, lamb, salmon, oysters, etc.).
  • Butchertown Hall – A baby kale salad that’s smoky and sweet. Perfect with a Mezcal cocktail.
  • Eio and the Hive – Piled high with fruits and veggies, an unconventional kale caesar.
  • Graze – Obviously this veggie-friendly spot has a citrus kale salad.
  • Lynne Lorraine’s – Their kale salad is packed with protein from quinoa and cashews.
  • Pinewood Social – A classic Kale Caesar that you can add chicken, steak, or salmon to.
  • Saint Anejo/Tavern – Both MStreet spots have kale salads that give you serious cravings. Top with salmon or chicken.



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