Nearly Native Eats: Gray & Dudley

Ever dined with a penguin? No seriously, a penguin large enough to poke its beak into your Shrimp Noodles right as you twirl the perfect bite on your fork. How about dining with moveable art? One minute you glance at an art piece near the host stand as you walk in, the next its appears at the bar, then suddenly, its right behind you. Sounds like a pretty unique dining experience doesn’t it? If you’re looking for an interactive dining experience just like this, you’re in luck. Gray & Dudley is just the restaurant for you.

Situated comfortably between 2nd and 3rd Avenues in downtown Nashville, Gray & Dudley showcases a balance of bright produce and savory proteins with an American flair. The downtown eatery is open at all hours, standing on its own with an entrance directly from the alleyway to the host stand, but its style is inherited from its parent, the 21c Museum Hotel. Get your fill of flavorful entrees, like the unexpectedly hearty Hearth Roasted Cauliflower (pictured below, half portion), or share a number of snacks from the Bacon & Onion Tart (pictured above) to some steak tartare to get your fill. Whether you need a nice casual night out with your friends, a fun foodie-focused date night, or an impressive business lunch, Gray and Dudley is just the chameleon for you.

Without televisions to detract from the ambiance, you can admire the multiple art installments scattered throughout the bar, lounge, and dining area. These unique art additions include those pesky penguins, poking their nose just over your shoulder as you dig in to your delicious meal. Luckily these penguins aren’t living art, rather quirky moveable pieces that float through the restaurant and hotel as part of the 21c Museum Hotel brand. Each hotel has their very own location-specific colored coded penguins to move about as they please just to keep things interesting. Don’t forget to check out the bathrooms for an interesting surprise too. It may be hidden from the hustle and bustle of Broadway, but Gray and Dudley has its own flavor of entertainment, so make sure you select it for your next new restaurant to try!

Check out their website on the Eat Like a Native page!


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