Nearly Native’s 5 Ways to Embrace the End of Summer

Can you feel it in the air? Maybe it’s the cicadas chirping, the lingering sunsets, or the afternoon heat that just won’t quite – the transition from Summer to Fall is quickly coming. It may be some of the last days of summer, but that doesn’t mean we can’t live them out to their fullest! We’ve got some great ways to soak up the sun before the weather starts cooling off. So don’t spend all your time inside, check out the 5 ways to embrace the end of another beautiful Tennessee Summer:

  1. Stare straight at the sun (with protection) during the Solar Eclipse – Tennessee is prime territory to catch this rare event on August 21. Head to a state park, rooftop, or just step out your door around 1:15pm and you’ll be in for a treat.
  2. Listen to live music at Live on the Green (and other outdoor venues)- Musician’s Corner, Ascend Amphitheater, Arrington Vineyards; With multiple dates through the next few months, there are several places to catch some awesome music in outdoor settings.
  3. Take in the sights at a Nashville Sounds Game – Our very own Triple-A team is still going strong, so why not check out the bustling stadium and grab a drink at The Band Box while you’re at it?
  4. Snag cheap tickets to a pre-season Tennessee Titans game – Football is finally back and pre-season games are the best way to get to game for a bargain, so grab you friends and get to tailgating.
  5. Savor some water sports – Stand up paddleboarding, boating, canoeing, or just pooling it; It may be the end of the Summer by Middle Tennessee is still toasty, so why not try your hand at some water sports to cool off?


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