Nearly Native Eats: Emilia

The Double Date. A sometimes daring, often times entertaining excursion for two couples to come together in commonality over a meal or drinks. Just when you think you’ve escaped the perils of dating – outfit insecurities, nervous talking, jokes that fall flat – you and your partner can feel them resurfacing as you prepare to meet your couple counterpart out for a night on the town, especially when it’s for the first time. Not to add to the pressure, but selecting the proper venue is key. Nothing to crazy or too quiet because getting to know a new couple needs a comfortable space. So where to go?

Tucked in to Knoxville’s charming Market Square sits Emilia, the trendy Italian oasis that’s the perfect place for your couple’s night out. With expert execution and just enough flavor familiarity, from its Insalata Caprese to its Carbonara, this eatery is a refreshing taste of Italy that will help you calm your double date jitters. The menu’s classically Italian characteristics come with freshly prepared house-made pasta and a variety of options to satisfy everyone from the steak-loving carnivore to ricotta-loving vegetarian. With wine (or cocktails) flowing and some fluffy focaccia in your belly, conversation will come easily in the open and inviting interior of Emilia. Plus, if you really want to be prepared, they take reservations so that you can plan ahead!

While you can’t just pull up and park at Emilia, due to it’s convenient Market Square location, parking is not far off at accessible garages on the next block. If you happen to have a wait, there are a number of bars within walking distance either on Market or nearby to snag a drink and get the evening going.

Having your partner might be like a built-in best friend, but there comes a time when involving others in the mix might help you get out of your relationship comfort zone. Don’t let the your old dating habits creep back in, especially fretting over the selecting the perfect location –  mix things up and dare to double date at an Italian spot that impresses with ease.

Check out their website on the Eat Like a Native page!


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