Nearly Native Eats: Chivo Taqueria

Have you ever had a shot of tequila? You can feel the cold (or warm… ew) burn of the blue agave as it hits the back of your throat and you’re quickly on cloud nine. For some, tequila may be the liquor you love, while others avoid it like the plague remembering “that one time” things didn’t quite go as planned (you got super angry when someone looked at you the wrong way, broke something, and then yelled something incoherent at the bouncer as you were carried out of the bar). Love it or hate it, tequila is a part of the way we party and it usually comes as a packaged deal at your local taqueria.

Located amongst the bustling shops on Knoxville’s Gay Street, Chivo Taqueria is just the trendy taco joint to find the perfect tequila to fuel your good time. Not only does Chivo have a massive selection of the Mexican liquor (and others too), it also sources it’s ingredients locally, paying special attention to everything from the farmers they work with to the flour they create for their taco shells. Meaning that, while you sip on your tequila and enjoy their menu, you can feel satisfied with their support of the community. Plus, it’s convenient location let’s you quickly saunter over to Market Square or head down to the Old City for post-dinner drinks!

So you’re sold on the tequila and sustainable practices, but you’re not a taco fan? Don’t worry, they’ve got chicken wings, quesadillas, burritos, and salads. Not a fan of meat? They’ve got options for you too! Their blend of Mexican and American flavors gives them license to serve delicious tacos plus chicken and waffles in the same meal. Plus, they’ve got giant roasted brussels sprouts that are not to be missed! Whether the thought of tequila turns your stomach or it brings back memories of amazing nights, Chivo Taqueria is worth a visit to share carefully crafted tacos and tasty drinks with friends.

Check out their website on the Eat Like a Native page!


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