Nearly Native Eats: A Dopo Sourdough Pizza

I’ve never been to Italy. While it’s at the very top of my travel list and I’ve been as close as a few hundred miles from its borders, I’ve never wandered the streets of Rome, taken in the Amalfi Coast, or tasted an authentic Italian pizza. As I wait in anticipation for the day my feet finally touch Italian soil, I’m in perpetual pursuit of the perfect Italian-style Neapolitan pizza. Sorry Chicago-style pizza lovers – my heart belongs to the thin, bubbly, moon-shaped pie topped with the perfect amount of tomato and mozzarella. Where have I discovered a fine example of this Italian holy grail on American soil? At none other than A Dopo Sourdough Pizza.

Delivering a little slice of heaven to Knoxville’s growing downtown food scene, A Dopo specializes in the classic Neapolitan-style pizza that originates from Naples, Italy. With a straightforward menu, this pizzeria proudly lists each ingredient in their pie presentation, ensuring that patrons fully grasp the beauty in its simplicity. As if you need more than the perfect pizza, they offer a selection of small plates, salads, and regularly rotating flavors of homemade gelato. I don’t know about you, but this makes my stomach sing “amore”! Plus, their pizzas are just slightly larger than your typical personal sized, so you can order plenty to share among friends. Don’t forget to wash it all down with their wide variety of beer and Italian wine.

Sounds like the perfect place to make your personal escape to Italy, doesn’t it? Well make no mistake, that’s what everyone is thinking – this place gets packed during peak hours! With limited seating, you’ll find that trying to just walk in might be tough on a Friday night without a pretty substantial wait. A Dopo may not take reservations, but they do allow you to get in line ahead of time with Nowait on their website. This will help cut down on your wait time, ensuring you have a spot to sample their slice of Italy. If you do happen to have a wait, there’s one nearby bar while the rest are driving distance, so plan accordingly!

Adventuring to Italy might still be on my must-do list of life things, but devouring as much Italian pizza a possible is something that I get to do regularly. The popular pie might be available everywhere in the U.S. but with so many options, finding perfection can be tough. With a place like A Dopo Sourdough Pizza open for business I’ve found my Italy fix for now!

Check out their website on the Eat Like a Native page!


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