5 Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas (Guys & Gals)

It happened again – you had every intention of a well thought-out, expertly executed Halloween costume, but suddenly it’s less than a week before the big day and that party you committed to is THIS weekend. We don’t all have the skills to whip up a costume out of fabric, thread, and glue overnight. Plus, pre-made costumes from your standard Halloween pop-up shop are expensive! But you can’t be that one person that doesn’t dress up at the costume-mandatory party. So what to do? Here are some quick and clever costume ideas for both guys and gals:

For the guys:

  1. Hugh Hefner: First of all, RIP Hugh – all you have to do for this legendary playboy is grab a red (silk or faux silk) robe and a sea captains hat. Top it off with a smoking pipe and you’ll be ready to go all night.
  2. Brawny Man: Let your stubble grow, throw on a red and black plaid shirt, grab packaged Brawny Man paper towels and go. Granted, without the Brawny Man paper towel packaging you might look like you do every other night, so only use your towels for party emergencies (aka wine spillage or a beer bong fail).
  3. Club Bouncer: All black suit, slicked back hair, dark sunglasses, and a padfolio to make it look official. Then be sure to hold your pointer finger to your ear often to act like you’re talking to the club powers the be through an ear piece.
  4. Baby from Baby Driver: All you need is a varsity jacket, white t-shirt, sunglasses and earphones. If nothing else you can keep the earphones in and ignore everyone the whole night.
  5. Jughead from Riverdale: A gray beanie and layers of dark plaid, hoodies and a leather or denim jacket make this costume. If you’re already a sarcastic person, this costume gives you license to embrace it.

For the gals:

  1. Handmaid’s Tale: Have a very of-the-moment, pop culture costume with a red cape and large pilgrim-style bonnet. You’ll be warm, comfortable, and 2017-relevant.
  2. Lorraine from Atomic Blonde: Assuming you already own knee-high boots, embrace your inner international spy with a slinky dress and trench coat. All you’ll likely need to buy is a blonde wig cut in a blunt bob (unless you’ve already got the hair naturally!).
  3. Emoji: Whether you buy a yellow t-shirt and draw your favorite emoji face on it or you decide to take the dancing lady route, most emojis are easy enough to recreate quickly. If you’re going for any of the characters from the Emoji movie, you could be the “meh” face or the princess with a simple yellow t-shirt, leggings, and a crown.
  4. The Morton Salt Girl: Have a yellow dress or rain jacket? Have an umbrella? Have some mary jane-style shoes? Then you’re all set.
  5. A Scarecrow, clown, or Day of the Dead Sugar Skull: If you love doing all of the makeup and leaving your actual attire pretty simple, then any of these costumes will work for you. There are tons of videos out there that guide you through the makeup to-dos, leaving you to pick a plaid shirt and overalls for the scarecrow, rainbow or striped clown shirt/dress, and all black for the sugar skull.

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