Nearly Native’s Guide to Getting Gifts for Under $50

It’s that time of year again – time for holiday jingles on repeat, fancy parties with flashy clothes, peppermint-flavored everything, and eating your weight in cookies, pie, and cake. The holiday season is great for gathering with friends and family to reflect on everything you’re grateful for, but it also brings the high expectations and excitement of gift-giving. While some are willing to spend a pretty penny for those special people in their lives, those of us who are ballin’ in a budget at the “white elephant” party or when giving gifts to friends might feel that spending over $50 is pretty silly. You don’t have to make like Oprah and give everyone a car this year! Show your friends you care without emptying your wallet with our list of gift ideas under $50:

  1. Portable wine chiller for the wine-o that loves convenience (and a way to conceal their wine in public)
  2. Coffee Mug to keep your favorite person caffeinated with all kinds of colorful options (since we all don’t already have a million of them)
  3. Tech Gloves for everyone because of the perpetual battle of touchscreen vs. winter gloves
  4. Extra long USB cord for the person who doesn’t know what they’re missing because you’re not tethered to your plug with a walking distance of one foot anymore
  5. Playing cards for the gambler that loves customization
  6. Popcorn popper for the snack lover because microwave popcorn is so 2016
  7. Water Bottle for that annoyingly healthy athlete type that needs water to stay cold or warm or whatever
  8. Spill-proof wine glass for the friend that gets tipsy and tends to spill
  9. Desk Calendar for the decorative 9 to 5 types
  10. Portable Hammock for the champion napper who can literally sleep anywhere

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