5 Ways to Get Out of That Late Winter Funk

The first (longest) month of the year is finally over, but there’s no end to the gloomy days of winter in sight. It’s easy to fall into your personal brand of hibernation, scurrying from your warm bed to your car to the gym or work and back home again only to dive under your warmest, fluffiest blanket, never to resurface again unless it decides to suddenly be summer again. How can you possibly pass the time when it feels like the cold grip of winter will just never go away? Don’t let the seasonal slump get you down! I’ve got 5 ways to help you get through the late winter funk that stand between you and warmer days.

  1. Try a new workout: Okay, so I know we’re not all gym rats, but a good endorphin rush can really help your mood. So, why not try something that will take you out of your regular (or not-so-regular) workout routine? If you love weights, why not try a high-intensity workout that mixes weights and cardio like Orange Theory, Barry’s Bootcamp, or Boxing? Want a little less impact, a little more stretch and strength? Try a Cycling, Barre or Hot Yoga – at least your sweat will distract from how cold it is outside. Maybe a good old fashioned hike is perfect for you or something less traditional like a trampoline park. The options are endless and so are the benefits.
  2. Plan a weekend getaway or your next big vacation: What better way to make time fly by than to plan your next adventure? While it doesn’t magically make the cold go away, it helps to have something to look forward to. Whether it’s somewhere colder for a winter weather activity or a warm sandy beach, making time for new experiences is always fun and can help you cure those late winter blues. I’ve scheduled a few weekend trips to see friends and a trip to Europe this summer and counting down the days makes summer seem not so far away! Here are the 50 Best Destinations in 2018
  3. See a Concert: While planning excursions to far off lands can  be awesome, there’s usually great things to discover in your own back yard. A night out on the town to see your favorite artist or maybe someone new is a fun way to forget the cold. Even if you have to sprint from your Uber to the concert floor just to avoid a cold snap, it’ll be worth the great time spent with friends or loved ones enjoying a little artistry. Concert’s not your thing? Try comedians instead!
  4. Take a class: Take an artsy alternative and try a painting (and wine) class or maybe cooking is your thing – there are classes for that too! Maybe you’ve always wanted to try your hand at making the perfect cocktail or you’ve always wanted to try glassblowing, what’s stopping you from trying it now? Classes can be an awesome way to come out from behind your big fluffy blanket and hang with friends or loved ones.
  5. Plan a party: There may not be much to “celebrate” when freezing temperatures or slippery roads wreak havoc on your routine, but that’s exactly why this time of year is perfect for throwing a party. All you need is a theme, your libations/snacks of choice, and willing participants. Plan a pajama party, a wine and cheese night, trivia night, mid-day brunch, or a trusty dinner party to spice things up for you and you friends. Or try celebrating a wintery holiday – Groundhog Day, Valentine’s Day, President’s Day, or Mardi Gras. Not only will you have something to look forward to, but so will all of your favorite people!

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