Nearly Native Eats: Rush Bowls

Being healthy is hard. We can all tell ourselves we love kale, preparing fresh fish for every lunch is so easy, and passing on that ice cream is a breeze. But this simply isn’t realistic! While every healthy meal we have is, of course, a win for nourishing our bodies, sometimes shouldn’t it just be easy to snag a quick, filling meal instead of having to prep for hours or go home to cook? Jason Wilkins, owner of Rush Bowls, agrees – healthy should be quick and convenient.

Located in the Gulch near the corner of 12th Avenue and Demonbreun, this healthy restaurant serves up all natural, fast-dining bowls that will actually leave you full until your next meal. Originating in Boulder, Colorado, Rush Bowls quickly gained popularity among health-conscious, on-the-go people, catching the attention of Jason and his wife. With a background in healthcare and a need for delicious, convenient food, Jason decided that Rush Bowls was just what Nashville needed, opening the first outpost of the brand outside of the state of Colorado.

So what’s different about Rush Bowls from other fast health food? Yes, the bowls are full of all natural fruit and other superfoods, but they’re enough sustenance to keep you full. The bowls aren’t like juice, satisfying you for a short time – they fill you up without breaking your calorie bank for the day. Their menu offers a diverse number of combinations for your bowl, allowing you to add and remove ingredients as you please. For health nuts like me, at first glance you might notice the suggested fat-free frozen yogurt in many of the bowls, but it’s completely optional and you won’t miss it if you remove it! Plus, they can modify any bowl to fit your ingredient needs, including substituting for soy, almond, or coconut milk. Personally, I love to top my bowl with their freshly ground peanut butter because it’s SO good y’all.

While I love a good juice or smoothie, often times after a workout or in the middle of the day, I need more to keep my belly satisfied until dinnertime. With Rush Bowls, being healthy doesn’t have to be hard and it doesn’t have to leave you hangry – stop by their shop in the Gulch today!

Check out their website on the Eat Like a Native page!

P.S. They also do catering!


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