Arriving from the arctic temperatures of the north (Chicago) to the early Spring of the mid-south in March of 2013, Liz Whalen defected from her northern roots to embrace a more “southern” way of life, as most of her close friends would say. However, as they’ve since visited the Music City and looked beyond the bright lights of the Broadway strip, Liz’s friends have seen that there is much more than meets the eye.

Liz moved to Nashville after realizing that, although she loved Chicago, it couldn’t be her home. She entertained moving to a number of cities over the course of a year’s time and realized after visiting Nashville that she might just be falling in love. Before catching her eye the idea of Tennessee and Nashville only crossed her mind when her mom quizzed her on state capitals during long car rides.

“Nashville’s full of country music loving, cowboy boot wearing, southern hicks” is probably what she would have said of the city if asked about it when she was younger. But she gave it a chance by visiting a friend who happened to settle in one of the city’s many charming neighborhoods after college. She quickly learned how wrong she was and jumped to immerse herself in all things Nashville.

A project manager by trade, but creative mind, explorer, and writer by heart, she saw the “natives” of Nashville pursuing their passions, despite hardship along the way. Over the past year her appreciation for the city and it’s inhabitants has grown immensely and she not considers herself nearly a native in her attempts to be “in the know” of the city’s happenings. So, this blog is dedicated to Nashville and it’s natives. Hopefully it will do them proud and be insightful for visitors and newbie Nashville imports alike.

Cheers to exploring the Music City, the L.A. of the south, the capital of Tennessee, Nashvegas!



The  Native Nashvillian


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