The 365 Day Challenge: Fad Flops

Anyone else feel exhausted when they look at social media sometimes? Not only are people showing off their best lives through manicured outfits, curated travel, and perfected angles, but they’re also pushing product constantly. Whether it’s a new miracle diet or skin-perfecting face wash, people are always looking for the next big thing and brands are keeping their products in front of us with influencers who are essentially paid to like their products. But there’s another side to this level of consumerism – as I like to call them, “the fad flops”.

I can’t be the only one who’s given in to the social media-driven impulse purchase only to be disappointed by the results. Even with countless reviews, it’s hard to tell what the truth is. Plus, we’re all unique, so your skin combination differs from mine, your body might love red onions while my body absolutely hates red onions. So one product may work miracles for one person and totally bomb for another. To top it all off, it can be hard to tell how to actually use the product when researching online, even if there’s a video to demonstrate, that clothes look different on the models and the products are placed perfectly.

If you can’t tell, I have lots of experience with “fad flops”, making it tough to trust my increasing dependence on the online shopping world. One recent “flop” I experienced was with the charcoal toothpaste fad. Anyone else tried this stuff out? It surfaced first on influencer accounts and subsequently on some media sites I follow, proclaiming it could whiten your teeth easily, without the harsh effects of whitening strips. At the ripe old age of 30, the strips actually hurt my teeth now, like 24 hours of discomfort after I put one on – what happened to the good old days when a girl could just whiten her dang teeth! Anyway, after reading some reviews that screamed success and watching this absurd video of a girl demonstrating how to use this charcoal wonder, I decided to give it a shot.

It was a disaster. The charcoal concoction came in a little circular tub in powder form (which I knew going in because of the video), and it got literally everywhere. There were little black specs all over my bathroom, my teeth were stained black until I re-brushed them with regular toothpaste and used mouthwash, and it did NOT whiten my teeth. While I tried to dedicate myself to using it over several weeks, hoping my teeth would at least get whiter for the pain that it was, I ultimately gave up before the whole tub was gone. Epic fail. And I’m going to assume I’m not the only one who’s had this experience – I consider myself pretty capable and this fad just was not working with me at all. So why isn’t anyone talking about the products that *don’t* work? Is it because no one is paying them? Sure, maybe I tried the exact wrong charcoal toothpaste and maybe for some it has worked, but I’m sick of seeing all the success stories pile up in my search results, burying any kind of negative feedback.

In a world where we’re inundated with products, influencer messaging, and paid ads, how do we know what’s true without actually trying it ourselves? Maybe it’s time to start showing everyone more about real life instead of just showing them the “miracle successes”. After all, no one is perfect, and maybe we’re all just looking for a little more human connection while we virtually stare into other people’s worlds through our phones. Start sharing real life with me, won’t you? Maybe we’ll prevent the next person from trying out an epic “fad flop”.

Nearly Native’s 5 Things to Know: Wax Pot Studio

Grooming is unique to each person. While some of us must wash our hair every day, others can survive on days of dry shampoo. There are those that have eyebrows that are naturally “on fleek”, others are blessed with beautiful skin, and some just have naturally awesome hair that never takes a day off.  We all have things about ourselves, women and men alike, that we pay special attention to and even splurge for. Each and every one of us has our own routine to keep us looking at feeling our best and Wax Pot Studio in Midtown is supplying Nashvillians with a surplus of personal maintenance services! Here are 5 things to know before you go:


  1. Beyond waxing: Although it says “wax” in the name, this studio is a full service beauty bar. It has everything from eyebrow shaping to laser treatments to seaweed body wraps to massages. You could likely spend a whole day trying out their services and still not get to them all.  They have a number of specialists with focused areas of expertise, so you can rest assured that you’ll be in good hands.
  2. Book online: If something on their website sticks out to you as part of your personal routine, you can book automatically online! They have massage and facial packages available as well as the option to make multiple bookings at once. You’ll receive a confirmation email before your appointment just as a reminder too. They also have specials for music industry professionals, students and a reference program!
  3. Street parking: Parking in Midtown can usually be challenging. Between the steady traffic and constant construction, you might find yourself driving around a bit to find a spot that doesn’t require you to pay an arm and a leg. Try to arrive a bit early for your appointment to find street parking on 18th.
  4. Not only a spa, but also a store: If you love the products used on you during your appointment at Wax Pot, they sell products on site and can be very helpful with recommendations!
  5. Don’t be nervous: There’s a chance that there’s a grooming service you’ve always wanted to try. Some friends rave about it while others tell you their horror stories. You’re not sure if you’ll walk out with half an eyebrow or totally in love with your look. Try to relax and take a chance with the professionals at Wax Pot Studio. They’ll make you feel at ease with their expertise and ensure that your experience won’t leave you with regret.


Genevieve is a brow-shaping specialist at Wax Pot!

For more on Wax Pot Studio, visit the Explore Like A Native page.

Nearly Native’s 5 Things: Belle Nashville

One of the best parts about Nashville is its ability to nurture and promote entrepreneurs. We have a flourishing local business community here in Middle Tennessee and it only continues to grow as locals and transplants alike empower each other to dream big. However, drinking from the entrepreneurial koolaid can have its challenges. While you may be ready to strike out on your own, the thought of beginning the business side of things can be intimidating. You might be fantastic personal trainer, stylist, massage therapist, or esthetician but creating a website or managing your accounting sounds like a nightmare. Recognizing that the vast number of independent and driven Nashvillians need vital business resources, Belle has arrived in Middle Tennessee to be the bridge between beauty and health professionals and their entrepreneurial aspirations. Here are the 5 things to know:

  1. Perfect for Professionals: Belle plays the middleman for booking in-home, on-demand, client-centric health and beauty services. Entrepreneurs can register with Belle to market their services and handle the “boring” part of doing business, including financial transactions. When you apply with Belle, you’ll meet with their team to see if you’re a good fit for each other! This includes a review of applicable licensing, resume, and identification.
  2. Convenient for Clients: Book your next health or beauty service online through Belle by reading reviews of each professional and selecting the best fit for your needs. You can communicate with your professional directly once you book one of their available appointments  to work out the logistics of your session. Make sure to check out their cancellation policy, too.
  3. Totally Secure: Belle uses the secure payment system, Stripe, to ensure that your money and personal information is safe. Clients can quickly submit payment and professionals can receive it through Belle’s online marketplace. Once a professional accepts an appointment request, a customer’s card is charged.
  4. Avoid Awkwardness: The total price of an appointment usually includes tipping to avoid any awkward moments at the end of your session. Belle commits to a satisfaction guarantee, which means if you’re not happy with your experience, they’ll refund you.
  5. Tailored to You: Services can be provided in your home, business, hotel or a site that is mutually agreed upon. You can even enlist a professional to assist with a large party or fun event. Belle works with both professionals and clients to ensure that they find exactly what they’re looking for and ensure they have a great experience.


Learn more about Belle on the Explore Like a Native page!